Johnny Winter reported dead on the verge of his new release

July 17, 2014


Johnny Winter passed away yesterday, aged 70. One of the greatest blues guitarists, his influence is immense and a mere indication of that will be the veteran’s latest album, scheduled for release on September 2nd. “Step Back” sees Johnny revisiting classic pieces in Winter’s classic aggressive style – in the company of peers and fans to spice it all up.

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Keith Levene recalls THE CLASH times

July 15, 2014

KEITH LEVENE - Diary: I Was a Teenage Guitarist 4 the Clash! Your regular Strummer fan is hardly aware of the fact that Keith Levene, who found fame if not fortune with PiL, played a vital part in THE CLASH formation and was there, together with Mick Jones, before Joe joined in. This part of the story lies in the heart of “Diary: I Was A Teenage Guitarist 4 The Clash!”, Keith’s forthcoming book that he calls “a non-autobiography” and that would be part of Levene’s book series. It is also a part of the guitarist’s “Commercial Zone” project which we wrote about earlier.
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Richard Thompson: acoustic readjustment

July 14, 2014


It’s not so common a thing for a guitarist to be an OBE, but for Richard Thompson the order had been in order for a long time. One of the most innovative musicians, he made a string of classic records with FAIRPORT CONVENTION and his then-wife Linda in the ’70s, yet Thompson’s solo career is criminally understated, although true aficionados follow him steadily to find a dim delight on any of Richard’s albums. The highlights of these can be interpreted in different ways, as the veteran demonstrated over the years at his shows, both with and without the band, electrified or unplugged, and it’s the latter approach that underlies his latest offering, “Acoustic Classics,” out today.

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Anthony Phillips gets anthologized

July 13, 2014


Classic GENESIS line-up is so impressively etched in the collective consciousness of many a music aficionado that some of them tend to forget ‘other’ members of the band, including guitarist Anthony Phillips whose sound was a major part of the group’s early sonic fabric. Not that he’s officially sidelined – Ant has been interviewed for the forthcoming BBC documentary on the ensemble – yet Phillips prefers to be going his own special way which will be tracked thanks to his recent signing to Esoteric that’s to result in a reissue programme.

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