BLACK SABBATH Box Up “Sabotage”

April 15, 2021

Only four months down the line from super-deluxe edition of “Vol. 4” – and soon after the reissue of the “Paranoid” box set – BLACK SABBATH are to expand their 1975 heavy psychedelic classic “Sabotage” that’s scheduled to emerge on June 11th on 4 CDs and 4 LPs plus vinyl ’45. It’s odd, of course, that the godfathers of metal set their ultimate packages to track, as of now, only their even records – which can set the pointer for the next item in the series to “Never Say Die” rather than “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” that rumors place in this slot – yet it’s hard to complain, when there’s a lot of previously unreleased cuts, scarce though those may be in the studio aspect of things.

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BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Raid Their Archives

April 12, 2021

Long inactive, for many BRINSLEY SCHWARZ remain paragons of British pub rock, and public interest to this collective doesn’t ever seem to wane. Not so long ago, the release of their lost album "It's All Over Now" displayed the depth of the ensemble’s archives, and Ian Gomm reached into his personal cache to deliver many more previously unheard gems. To be issued on CD and as download on June 25th, “Last Orders!” will feature a few of the earliest recordings for radio and TV, out-takes, rehearsals, home recordings etcetera. “Seymour (I Love You)” is a previously unreleased instrumental piece from 1970, as is the rather heavy “Indian Woman”; while several cuts focus on the “Silver Pistol” period, and “She’s Got To Be Real” from the “Greasy Truckers Party” expanded compilation is as delightful as it gets.

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“Wish You Were Here” To Get An All-Star Tribute

April 7, 2021

It’s difficult to argue that there have been enough homages paid to PINK FLOYD by now – just as difficult that there have been a lot of remotely recorded albums lately. Still, with remote work being a new norm and a tribute to prog protagonists that includes such different luminaries as Rat Scabies and Bootsy Collins alongside art-rock elite, it’s impossible to not pay attention to the “Still Wish You Were Here” project which is scheduled for the May 28th release. Then again, it’s strange to hear so massive a cast present on a fresh reproduction of an LP based on the concept of absence.

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Judge Smith Releases Music From His Movie

March 29, 2021

It’s nigh on impossible to remain an original in today’s music world, especially when your career spans over five decades, yet that’s how Judge Smith rolls – and rocks, too – with the veteran’s output being quite varied, if often careening on the progressive side of things. Sometimes, there’s something meta about his concepts, as it was on 2011’s "Orfeas" for instance, which requires lyrical input; only Judge can be lyrical without relying on verbal things, and his just-released “Music from The Garden of Fifi Chamoix” – available on Bandcamp – is a purely instrumental offering.

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Dave Kelly Looks Four Decades Back

March 23, 2021

Dave Kelly is one of the most underrated, albeit rather prominent, figures in British blues. Having arrived on the scene in the ’60s alongside his sister Jo Ann, the guitarist became a fast fixture there and cut a string of top-notch albums – with a group of his own and such collectives as TRAMP and THE BLUES BAND. Even less celebrated are Dave’s later recordings, laid down with stellar line-ups but lacking the attention they deserve. Which is why there’s a lot of logic in the forthcoming box set “40 Years On: A Recollection” whose three discs, spanning 1979-2015, will feature 55 remastered numbers, including 23 that never saw the light of day.

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