CROSS-FRIPP project: producer sheds the light

March 29, 2015


Kept for a long time under wraps, although DME knew what was going on, on May 4th “Starless Starlight,” a new album by two KING CRIMSON men, David Cross and Robert Fripp, who last played together in 1974, will see the light of day. That year was the starting point of this project, but there’s much more to it, as producer Tony Lowe – a part of cult group BRAM STOKER, one that got resurrected to deliver a new record, "Cold Reading", recently – explains. Deeper still, Tony uncovers an unknown page in the history of the legendary prog ensemble.

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John Renbourn, R.I.P.

March 27, 2015

John RenbournJohn Renbourn, one of the most exquisite and influential English guitarists, passed away on March 26th. Most famous for his work, together with fellow folk maven Bert Jansch, in PENTANGLE, Renbourn arrived at the scene before that, in the early ’60s, and started interweaving traditional and rock idioms to a great effect. Later, in the ’70s, such John’s albums as “The Lady And The Unicorn” were homes for blues and classical pieces, too, alongside Medieval material. Without him, current musical landscape wouldn’t be what it is now. A true innovator.

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Sean Tyla Gets Tough

March 25, 2015

Having reported from the road with "Live In Stockholm" last year, pub rock maven Sean Tyla has laid out plans for 2015 and beyond, and these don’t seem to include much TYLA GANG activity. Instead, Tyla’s gearing up for recording a solo album tentatively titled “Tough Guys Don’t Dance,” a follow-up to “Back In The Saddle” from 2007. In Sean’s words, he might need a bit of crowdfunding to get the ball rolling, but there’s more to come.

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Steve Ellis Between The Past And The Future

March 24, 2015


To many, Steve Ellis‘ name is synonymous with “Everlasting Love” which he delivered with LOVE AFFAIR but there’s much more to the singer than that one hit. There’s always surprise when he embarks on a new enterprise, although not of these are as radical as the artist’s hard rock turn for WIDOWMAKER. Still, Steve’s latest collaboration is bound to turn the young eyes on Ellis. The project in question is a piece the veteran recorded with fellow Brits COW after a chance meeting with the duo who offered him a few of their songs, and ended up with a double A-side single bearing two cuts on it: “Rise” and “Up.”

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