Steven Wilson In Concert

June 30, 2015

Steven Wilson in concert  © Joe del TufoThe Danforth Music Hall, Toronto – 26/6/2015

Visceral and cerebral: more often than not, these words are mutually exclusive when they characterize a performance, yet a Steven Wilson concert lends a whole new perspective to such a paradox.

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Cover Mike Oldfield

June 30, 2015


From innovation to predictability: this path makes it hard to follow BLACKMORE’S NIGHT even for the most staunch fan of Ritchie Blackmore. As pleasant as the guitarist’s endeavors with his singing muse Candice Night are, their latest works become increasingly generic, and “All Our Yesterdays” that is ready for September 18th release, looks very inauspicious. First of all, here’s a cheap looking covert artwork; and then, there’s a cover compositions choice. It was a safe bet that one day the troupe would take to “I Got You (Babe)” – if only because an intro to their 2001’s rendition of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" sounded just like the Sonny and Cher’s classic. And it’s only logical they latched onto Mike Oldfield’s perennial “Moonlight Shadow” – done previously by Annie Haslam from RENAISSANCE whose “Ocean Gypsy” was a gem on BLACKMORE’S NIGHT’s 1997 debut. The rest of the new pieces, folk tunes included, point to a regular fare – or fair.

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Chris Squire Passes Away

June 29, 2015

Chris during our interview

Chris during our interview

Chris Squire, a big – and a big-hearted – man and a linchpin of YES, has died. A little more than a month ago  the veteran informed the world of his illness and he seemed determined to win this battle and carry on, but it was too late. We’ve seen that band without any of its members yet never without Chris, because Squire was YES and YES were Squire. That’s why he never cared about a solo career – his innovative approach and bright melodicism lay with YES.

A player who showed that virtuosity doesn’t exclude athletic muscularity of performance and, thus, influenced a lot of bassists, from prog rock to heavy metal, Chris at the same time was a gentle soul, and during our only interview we talked not only about music but also the kids, and I was so moved to have received birthday messages from Squire and his wife Scotty. They were so happy, and happiness, as he said to me, was “not always achievable – you know, sometimes music can be difficult and can strain relationships – but it can also bring people closer together. “ That was what he did, and that’s why his passing feels so personal. Rest In Peace, Chris.

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DEEP PURPLE: Another Japanese Adventure

June 24, 2015


A few days ago we reported on the forthcoming DEEP PURPLE concert album, “From The Setting Sun…”, documenting the band’s performance at Wacken festival in 2013, and now there’s a release date announced: August 28th. More so, now the ellipsis at the end of its title has been explained. It turns out, the same date will see the audio and visual issue of a companion record, laid down on April 12th, 2014 in Tokyo and titled “…To The Rising Sun.” Basically the same set, its quotient of “Now What?!” tracks is higher, yet it’s a PURPLE thing to never repeat themselves on-stage, so there’ll be a lot to enjoy.

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