Tony Carey Opens A View On His Work

February 12, 2016


For many years, some people found it hard to grasp the fact that Tony Carey who wrote European pop hits such as “Room With A View” was the same man who played on RAINBOW’s monumental “Rising” album, although many traced his connection to prog endeavors such as PLANET P PROJECT. It looked like the keyboard player had left hard rock for good, until Tony joined assorted Blackmore associates in OVER THE RAINBOW, but this year Carey’s set to commemorate his contribution to the genre with RAINBOW PROJECT – delivering on-stage the pieces he used to do with Ronnie James Dio at the front.

While preparing for this, though, the veteran took part in Sweden Rock Festival last year, and the document of this event forms the first disc of “Showtime”: a 2DVD collection that finds him in different settings, delving in his vast catalogue of gems like “A Fine, Fine Day” and “Tarot Woman.” Out anyday soon, it’s a brilliant introduction to the artist’s oeuvre.

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Metal Writer Delivers A YES Saga

February 11, 2016

MARTIN POPOFF - Time And A Word: The Yes Story

Time And A Word:
The Yes Story

Traditionally associated with all things hard ‘n’ heavy, on which he authored four dozens tomes, this time Martin Popoff is delivering something completely different, revealing – to those who don’t know it – a wider scope of his musical expertise. “Time And A Word: The Yes Story” is exactly what it title implies: a chronological, with a timeline format, account of the quintessential proggers’ way from the past into the future, based on interviews with most of the saga’s protagonists, including Jon AndersonChris SquireRick Wakeman and Geoff Downes. Digging deep into the meaning of “Close To The Edge” and following Alan White to the junkyard, Popoff also goes off on a tangent to cover the “friends and relatives” concept, so there’s a lot to learn and enjoy.

Available for ordering now, the book may rise questions, and Martin will be happy to address it all if reached at

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HAWKWIND Return To Sci-Fi Concept

February 11, 2016


If Dave Brock’s “Brockworld” that was released a few months ago didn’t get enough attention, his mothership’s forthcoming album seems to be gaining momentum way before its April 15th release. “The Machine Stops” is HAWKWIND‘s return to the world of solid science fiction, as it’s a concept work based on E.M. Forster’s short story, first published in 1909, a retrofuturistic classic by now whose dystopian outlook the Brit proggers embraced furiously, with a stage show complimenting the record. The band’s tour commences in March, but the CD and LP’s content have been announced now.

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UK To Issue Definitive Box Set

February 10, 2016

UK - Ultimate Collectors' Edition

UK –
Ultimate Collectors’ Edition

UK were one of the most underrated bands that arrived at the tail end of prog rock halcyon days. Taking a strange position between jazz-rock and pop, it was a combination of John Wetton and Eddie Jobson’s talents, initially fortified by the presence of Allan Holdsworth and then guitarless, with drums passing from Bill Bruford to Terry Bozzio: they released two studio and one live album and then they were no more.

The fans couldn’t be satisfied with rare airing of their classics by Eddie and songs like “Rendezvous 6:02” and “Thirty Years” often delivered by John, and hang on to the many bootlegs out there. 2011 saw the original pair get together again, and they played sporadically until 2015 when the ensemble ceased to exist, having left behind Japan-only box set, expensive and not affordable to many. That’s why, to rectify the situation, UK are to issue “Ultimate Collectors’ Edition”: out on April 15th, this whopping 16-disc set holds the group’s three records from the ’70s, the concert one remixed and expanded with additional 50 minutes of music, all on CDs and Blu-ray, as well as the Tokyo gig from 2011; plus three shows off the bootleg circuit, including the last concert from the band’s first lifespan, a smattering of rarities, a round of interviews and a book.

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