David Hasselhoff Celebrates German Unity In Rock Style

August 11, 2019

At the time when it’s cool to be uncool, it’s time for David Hasselhoff to release a new album – with an array of covers sung in the company of heavy guests. It might be another over-the-web project, yet that’s a sign of the time, too, so “Open Your Eyes” – out on September 27th on CD and colored vinyl – must be interesting thanks to the singing actor’s choice of material and the instrumentalists who play with him, as well as for the fact that the record is aimed to mark the 30th anniversary of Berlin Wall’s fall and the reunification of Germany. If one struggles to imagine The Hoff mingle with MINISTRY and Patrick Moraz or stepping into David Coverdale‘s shoes, this can be a thing to investigate. Whether the revisiting of David’s old hit “Jump In My Car” was worth it remains to be seen.

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Nigel Benjamin Passed Away

August 2, 2019

Nigel Benjamin has died, aged 64. A troubled soul, satisfaction was never part of his agenda – be it in personal life or on-stage – but he had a huge heart. The singer used to rant about many things in later years and seemed to be on the verge of paranoia, blaming outside world for his issues, but always sought refuge in music – something that brought Nigel to the heart of fans.

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HAWKWIND Return To Space On Jubilee Album

July 31, 2019

Since November 2019 will mark their 50th anniversary, HAWKWIND couldn’t pass on the possibility to release a new record, even though it’s only three years ago that "The Machine Stops" saw the light of day and two years after its follow-up “Into The Woods” was issued – if we don’t count 2018’s “Road To Utopia” which featured fresh cuts of the veterans’ classics. Still, the “More Of The Same” formula has always worked wonders for this band, so “All Aboard The Skylark” is to be out on October 25th – coupled with a concert album titled “Acoustic Daze”: a studio replication of the ensemble’s tour trick where they opened for themselves with an unplugged showcase of the collective’s perennials.

Unlike the CD version, it’s going to be two separate LPs on vinyl, with the acoustic one receiving a run limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. But the focus will be on “Skylark” which is said to reflect the group’s return to their space-rock base.

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Steve Howe Takes His Trio, and Bill Bruford, To The Limit

July 29, 2019

On and off on the scene for a decade now, THE STEVE HOWE TRIO is a vehicle for YES guitarist to indulge his love for jazz and pay tribute to such genre giants as Kenny Burrell and Miles Davis. Still, Steve’s collaboration with his drummer son Dylan and organist Ross Stanley hasn’t been too productive, record-wise: they released a studio album “The Haunted Melody” in 2008 and followed it with a live set, “Travelling,” in 2010. Yet September 27th will see the issue, on Esoteric Antenna, of the combo’s new offering, titled “New Frontier” and featuring, for the first time, all original material.

But the absence of the re-workings of Howe’s main band’s classics doesn’t mean that link was severed: there are three pieces Steve co-penned with his erstwhile colleague Bill Bruford.

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Nick Magnus Invites Old Friends On A New Trip

July 27, 2019

Five years have passed since Nick Magnus came up with an exquisite monolith of "N'Monix" that saw the veteran keyboard player engage in art-rock sort of controlled rapture, and he’s ready to unveil its follow-up which is more down-to-earth… Or not, because you can never be sure with Magnus whose new magnum opus always seems to be around the corner. Titled “Catharsis” and scheduled for a September 30th issue, Nick’s sixth solo album was inspired by his sojourn the Ariège region of the French Pyrénées, and this dictates the release’s format. It will be a deluxe 36-page mediabook with photos and lyrics, where CD is coupled with a 20-minute documentary – “progumentary” as the composer calls it – on an extras-expanded DVD.

Just like its predecessor, “Catharsis” has a stellar line-up in which Magnus once again reunites with his former colleagues in Steve Hackett‘s band: Steve the guitarist and vocalist Pete Hicks. Other luminaries are Amanda Lehmann, Andy Neve, Steve Unruh and Tony Patterson whose "Equations Of Meaning" featured Nick – so there’s a family vibe to this endeavor.

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