Jack Bruce deserted cities of the heart

October 25, 2014

Jack BruceArguably the most influential bassist in rock, Jack Bruce died today. One of a kind, a fantastic musician who brought his academic education and cello mastery to the blues and the most fabulous, operatic singer, Jack’s career encompassed not only CREAM, alongside Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, and a string of interesting solo albums, he also played in Manfred Mann, Frank Zappa and Tony Williams‘ bands where Bruce engaged in pop and jazz to demonstrate new facets of his versatility before hooking up with Robin Trower and getting back to blues. It was him who introduced fretless bass to many a player, yet he was no less of a virtuoso on a piano as he showed on such special albums as "Monkjack", while the veteran’s latest, 2014’s "Silver Rails" underscored his undiminished talents. Poor health prevented us from a conversation and, sadly, it’s not to happen now. The records remain, though. Rest in peace, Jack.

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SUZI QUATRO packs her years in a box

October 25, 2014


Never a petite proposition, the mass perception of Suzi Quatro is one of the lightweight fighter no matter how raw the lady can be and how fiercely she swings her bass. Hard to believe, this year the artiste celebrates her 50 years as professional musician, and there’s no question as to whether we still need Suzi when she’s 64. Yet the ultimate answer is “The Girl From Detroit City,” a box set whose Mike Chapman-coined title reminds all of the Brit-associated Quatro’s origin and whose content mixes remastered hits with rarities as well as previously unreleased tracks.

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LIFESIGNS pledge to be alive

October 24, 2014

LIFESIGNS  - Live In London

Live In London

One of the unexpected highlights of 2013 was a self-titled debut by LIFESIGNS, a band of seasoned prog pros hopping on a pop bend. Another surprise was that, unlike many other collaborative efforts, this band actually made it to the stage and are ready now for a concert recording.

There was a line-up change since the album’s release, and now the ensemble comprise founding members John Young on keyboards and vocals and Frosty Beedle on drums as well as Jon Poole on bass and Niko Tsonev on guitar – a new spot in the ranks who previously had guest six-stringers such as Steve Hackett – and it’s this quartet who launched a Pledge campaign to finance the DVD they’d like to make, plus donate to the Save The Children charity.

There’s lot of goodies to get for subscribers, although the ultimate reward for all should be the video itself. With more than a month to go, and half of the sum bagged, it’s an action time now.

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Alvin Stardust dies on the brink of a new record

October 23, 2014

Alvin StardustTo many he was a glam horse rider, yet Alvin Stardust has always been a rock ‘n’ roller – with a glitter edge, yes, but a rock ‘n’ roller. “My Coo Ca Choo” or “Jealous Mind” (the latter his only Number One ’45) might have been a typical glimmer fare, yet Stardust hid a harder edge beneath the shiny veneer. Later in his career, Alvin appeared on stage in musicals like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and got rid of rockabilly image to reveal an actor’s talent. The artist’s singing career, which stalled in the late ’80s, resumed in 2011 and, recently, the veteran recorded his first new album in three decades, called simply “Alvin.” Sadly, Stardust didn’t live to see it out: he died today, aged 72.
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