Interview with Dave Mason

October 11, 2015

“Feelin’ Alright” is his most famous song but it can also be Dave Mason’s motto. His guitar and voice resonate through many of rock ‘n’ roll milestones – from Dave’s days with TRAFFIC on to here and now – yet, what with all the ups and downs Mason might experience along the way, he retained the optimistic look at life. Read the interview.

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JETHRO TULL And Steven Wilson Upgrade “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll”

October 7, 2015


Despite an array of good songs, “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll:  Too Young To Die!” has never been a firm favorite of JETHRO TULL fans, and it’s been only its title track that the band cared to perform through the years but, like some other endeavors of this ensemble, the album brought forth a television film, widely bootlegged yet commercially unavailable. That’s what serves as an axis for the 1976 classic’s “The TV Special Edition” which continues the TULL 40th Anniversary reissue programme – supervised by Ian Anderson and implemented, on the mix side, by Steven Wilson. Out on November 27th, the package, comprised of two CDs and two DVDs, follows the book style of its predecessors, while its first disc will be made available as a standalone item.

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LIFESIGNS To Start A DVD Production

October 6, 2015


In January, LIFESIGNS – the quartet of John Young, Frosty Beedle, Jon Poole and Niko Tsonev – whose self-titled album caused a pop-prog stir in 2014 recorded a concert album, and it is moving into a production phase this week as a DVD/2CD package. So, having unveiled its artwork some time ago, the band published the tracklist of it all, and added a preview video. A teasing proposition.

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NAZARETH Deliver A Historic Document

October 2, 2015


Perhaps, that’s not what NAZARETH fans have been longing for but a historic document anyway, the main feature of “No Means Of Escape” – out on October 16th, 2015 – is the band’s London performance from November 14th, 2014, when the quartet’s singer was Linton Osborne, who’d served in this role for less than a year. Since then, he resigned which makes this DVD / Blu-ray unique. Still, the concert footage and an acoustic take on “This Flight Tonight,” as well as interviews with Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty, may be less interesting than the second film on there, “Made In Scotland,” a NAZARETH story from 1968 to 2016, that will be digitally available separately from “Live At Metropolis.”

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