New book on Decca and Klooks Kleek

October 1, 2014

Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms - Decca Studios And Klooks Kleek

Dick Weindling and
Marianne Colloms -
Decca Studios And Klooks Kleek

Save for those who were there, not many people remember today that the legendary Decca Studios, where lots of famous records were made between 1937 and 1980, including THE ROLLING STONES’ debut EP – and where THE BEATLES didn’t pass the audition – and the Klooks Kleek rhythm-and-blues club, where the likes of THE STONES and ZEPPELIN played from 1961 to 1970, co-existed in a door-to-door proximity. So there’s many a story to tell, and some of them are made it into a book simply titled “Decca Studios And Klooks Kleek.” Penned by Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms, the tome documents the titular places’ unique musical heritage and contains dozens photos some of which have never been published.

Out now, it’s a great addition to any rock collection.

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JETHRO TULL’s “WarChild” up for expansion

September 29, 2014

JETHRO TULL - WarChild -  40th Anniversary Theatre Edition

WarChild -
40th Anniversary Theatre Edition

Not the best of JETHRO TULL‘s albums, 1974’s “WarChild” fared much better than its predecessor “A Passion Play” whose expanded version saw the light of day earlier in the year. And now its follow-up, also with a cinematic bend, is also to receive such a treatment. Out on November 26th, it’s going to be a “40th Anniversary Theatre Edition”that attempts to restore the classic to its original double-LP soundtrack intent, although neither film based on Ian Anderson‘s script nor a two-platter was realized. Still, there were more recordings than ones that made the cut, some having appeared on TULL’s rarities collections like “Nightcap” and some having remained in the vaults – together with the band’s orchestral pieces destined for the movie – until now.

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THE MOODY BLUES’ debut turns deluxe

September 26, 2014

THE MOODY BLUES - The Magnificent Moodies

The Magnificent Moodies

Here’s one album that makes a difference: THE MOODY BLUES might have been forebears of progressive rock, yet the band that featured keyboardist Mike Pinder, drummer Graeme Edge and flautist Ray Thomas started out as a beat and rhythm-and-blues unit fronted by guitarist Denny Laine, with Clint Warwick on bass, who released only one LP, “The Magnificent Moodies,” in 1965. Not a classic, save for the “Go Now!” single, which Laine took further on down the road, to WINGS and beyond, its forthcoming anniversary will see the group’s debut given a deluxe treatment. Out on November 24th on Esoteric, it’s to be made available as an expanded CD, augmented with all the contemporary ’45s, and a double-disc box featuring the quintet’s previously unreleased sessions – laid down in a studio and recorded for the Beeb. Continue reading

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Dave Kilminster gets it straight

September 21, 2014


When we spoke with Dave Kilminster, the guitarist extraordinaire was working on a new record and gearing up for another tour with Roger Waters. More than a year later – with a covers collection laid down with singer Murray Hockridge – a follow up to "Scarlet" is set for release tomorrow. “I don’t want to give it a name yet, because I like to keep things as fresh as possible,” said Dave in that interview, but now the title’s in place: “…And The Truth Will Set You Free…” sees Kilminster in the company of bassist Phil Williams and drummer Pete Riley who he played with in THE KEITH EMERSON BAND and on “Scarlet.”
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