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UGLY RUNNER – Romanticizer

February 28, 2020

Cleopatra 2020 Rising from Asheville, a little punk combo set their lyrical agenda against the world’s injustices. “We’re only sympathetic when it’s something we can see”: here’s a line that summarizes this American trio’s stance – laid out on a … Continue reading

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HARRY CHAPIN – Some More Stories: Live At Radio Bremen 1977

February 24, 2020

MiG 2020 New York troubadour brings his aural movies to the Old World and weaves a wonderful narrative out of familiar stories. It’s difficult to imagine that an artist of Harry Chapin’s caliber could, for more than a decade, leave … Continue reading

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STEVE PICCOLO – Domestic Exile

February 19, 2020

Materiali Sonori 1982 / Mental Experience 2020 From Lounge Lizard to Office Plankton: NYC scenester proposes minimalism as a method of evaluating little things in life. Irony and experimentation has always been part of Steve Piccolo’s creative vocabulary, but while … Continue reading

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KARNEY – Better

February 16, 2020

A K Karney Music 2020 Sometimes growing so tired, American songstress stresses her optimism in the time of turmoil. Anna Karney can be uncompromising – as illustrated by her 2018 full-length offering – but the San Fransican wouldn’t allow such … Continue reading

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DON DOKKEN – Solitary

February 14, 2020

Dokken 2008 / Deadline 2020 Breaking a metal chain, the original dream warrior bares his ballad-ridden underbelly. Having a vehicle bearing one’s name can be both liberating and limiting: it’s a dichotomy this singer fully experienced when his ensemble went … Continue reading

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