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BEAU – The Magic Of Public Relations

May 30, 2020

Cherry Red 2020 Veteran singer-songwriter unsheathes sword to cut through contemporary miasma – again. Did Trevor Midgley knew that crap would hit the fan or was it the artist’s usual state of being tuned into the times – and the … Continue reading

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SCARECROW – Scarecrow

May 28, 2020

Scarecrow 2019 Russian classic-rock troika cast a glance at metal origins to create a space of their own – and grow tall. If you’ve ever wondered what would the polished results of infamous SABS-and-ZEP studio summit sound like, here’s a … Continue reading

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LITTLE RED KINGS – The Magic Show Part One

May 26, 2020

Little Red Kings 2020 Coming on strong, Norfolk quintet still have to define a royal force. Since the release of their self-titled statement of intent in 2012, this English ensemble seemed to have been seeking identity which could encompass various … Continue reading

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THE FOLSOM PROJECT – The Wolf And The Skull

May 24, 2020

Wolf’s Skull 2020 Velvet thrills from murky recesses of cinematic mind: initial steps of a winding trip. If the “Folsom” part of this project’s name evokes images of confinement and the title of its first full-length effort implies primal rituals, … Continue reading

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BAND OF RAIN – Petrichor

May 22, 2020

Chris Gill and Katrina Gill 2020 When contemporary alchemies replace the unexplained, British seer looks back at tradition and casts it into the future. Despite its name implying collective effort, Chris Gill has kept his ensemble’s setup minimal for almost … Continue reading

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