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CLIMAX BLUES BAND Mark Their Jubilee With A New Album

January 15, 2019

It’s been almost 50 years since CLIMAX BLUES BAND released their and more than a decade since the British ensemble issued their last one. The veterans – half of whom joined the ranks in the ’80s to carry on the … Continue reading

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Interview with John Young

January 9, 2019

John Young has come a long way: a well-respected musician by the end of the previous millennium, he reached a star status in the recent years – thanks not to his looks or his talent, that were always there, but … Continue reading

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Jon Anderson Releases A Star-Strewn Album

October 23, 2018

is probably the most misunderstood – and, thus, underrated – artist ever. Perceived as a pixie-like progressive rock protagonist, the singer has much more layers to him than meets the eye, yet not ear. Beyond vast panoramas and cosmic pop … Continue reading

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WINGS’ “Wild Life” and “Red Rose Speedway”: Deluxe Details Revealed

October 18, 2018

And so, the wait is almost over! 1971’s “Wild Life” and 1973’s “Red Rose Speedway” – WINGS’ first two albums – have been one of the most desirable entries in “The Archive Collection” ever since this series was launched eight … Continue reading

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Keith Reid Sails On With New Album

October 15, 2018

Although will always be associated with , his absence on the band’s “Novum” from last year was more than conspicuous. Whatever the poet’s reasons for falling out with the band were, he’s still out there – not turning his back … Continue reading

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