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GRYPHON – Raindances

November 9, 2018

Transatlantic 1973-1975 / Esoteric 2018 Rejoice to hear the solemn curfew: complete classic oeuvre by a troupe whose roots could split rock. Strange as a mythical creature they were named after and sometimes as surreal as in Carrollian portrayal, this … Continue reading

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GLAMWEAZEL – The Great Unknown

November 8, 2018

Angel Air 2018 Juggling memories and visions from the future, glittering nomads from London venture off in search of their best bits and pieces. “Damage is done”: this statement from ONE THE JUGGLER’s should define that British band’s offshoot GLAMWEAZEL … Continue reading

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November 2, 2018

Oddiyo 2015 / 2018 Vancouver artist’s quiet trip into watercolor wonders of yesterday and tomorrow. You can’t name your album “Blue Rain” and expect it to catch fire, and Cary Heuchert’s debut didn’t ignite a lot of listeners’ imagination when … Continue reading

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GREENSLADE – Greenslade

October 30, 2018

Warner Bros 1973 / Esoteric 2018 Unique and quintessential: impressive debut of British ensemble who didn’t bother to conform. They weren’t the first band to feature two keyboardists, of course, but if drew a line between the timbres of ivories … Continue reading

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IQ – Ever – 2018 Remix

October 24, 2018

Giant Electric Pea 1993 / 2018 The quarter-of-a-century edition of Brit art-rockers’ resurrection shuffle – enhanced and expanded. Measuring mortality and embracing eternity: that was the brief for IQ’s fifth full-length studio release – the release of the artists’ grief … Continue reading

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