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August 20, 2019

Caligola 2019 Reverential, if refractory, reading of art-rock classics from a trio of conspirators who failed to rein in their fantasy. Possessed by many voices, Boris Savoldelli may want to keep the output of any collective he’s involved in minimal … Continue reading

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ALAN SIMON – Chouans

August 19, 2019

The Right Honourable 2019 Royalist uprising as rock opera renders revisiting history a risky yet rapturous trip. Regularly inhabiting the world of legends with his “Excalibur” endeavor and occasionally venturing far into the past, as proved, Alan Simon’s no stranger … Continue reading

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JUKKA IISAKKILA – Clocks And Clouds

August 18, 2019

Eclipse Music 2018 Award-winning Finnish conductor sets baton aside to let a symphony of fusion sort into the open. Mostly known for his work with various orchestras, Jukka Iisakkila is actually a multi-instrumentalist who has no qualms about branching out … Continue reading

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BLACK OAK ARKANSAS – Underdog Heroes

August 17, 2019

Purple Pyramid 2019 Keeping the faith, the Wonder State warriors return to the fray – different yet defiant. It’s been forty-odd years since BOA released their last studio album under the band’s full name. The world has changed during this … Continue reading

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MITCH RYDER – Detroit Breakout!

August 16, 2019

Cleopatra 2019 Setting his wheels on fire, Motor City’s primal screamer uncovers a sacred cache of soul classics – and other chestnuts – in the company of unusual suspects. For all the racket this artist used to make in the … Continue reading

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