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May 17, 2021

Intelligent Music 2021 Reaching for the source of life, international troupe of soul healers hit their stride and find their ground. Ever since Milen Vrabevski began this project, it seemed as if the Bulgarian doctor has simply been living a … Continue reading

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MARCELO PAGANINI – Identity Crisis

May 15, 2021

Marcelo Paganini 2020 A quantum leap into the great unknown finds veteran guitarist finally locate his personal place in a grand scheme of things. To say that Marcelo Paganini’s previous propositions, 2014’s and from 2018, felt uninspiring wouldn’t mean underestimating … Continue reading

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ASIA MINOR – Points Of Libration

May 14, 2021

AMS 2021 Returning to the fray, Turkish-Franco quintet progress into the future without leaving their unforgettable past behind. “Silence is not the crime,” state this collective. Indeed, when old ensembles reconvene, aficionados often fear their heroes would sound either outdated … Continue reading

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SKOLD – Dies Irae

May 13, 2021

Cleopatra 2021 No more riding shotgun, Swedish multi-instrumentalist takes charge and does a demon dance on emotional ruins. Marking his fifty-fifth anniversary and the twenty-fifth anniversary of his solo debut, Tim Sk├Âld is on a roll with his fifth solo … Continue reading

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DOWN BY LAW – Lonely Town

May 12, 2021

Kung Fu 2021 American punk lynchpins roam nocturnal streets in search of kindred spirits and get lost in romantic notions. There ain’t no rest for Dave Smalley who veered away from DOWN BY LAW to dabble in less politically charged … Continue reading

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