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PAUL K – The Fermi Paradox

July 30, 2019

BasilicaMusic 2019 Don’t you ever wonder where everybody is? British maven of minimal ambience might have the answer to the secret of universal loneliness. For reasons unknown to man, Paul Kirkpatrick doesn’t mention the “Soul Connection” suite from 2007 on … Continue reading

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JON DURANT – Alternate Landscapes

July 15, 2019

Alchemy 2019 Taking tunes up the cloud, innovative American axeman lets the texture do the talking. Ambience is Jon Durant’s natural habitat, be it in a solo mode or on joint efforts such as BURNT BELIEF whose can be seen … Continue reading

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May 26, 2019

Mad Ducks 2019 Instrumental astronomy from international, yet close-knit as family is, unit that charts celestial course through sound, if not vision. Situated across the pond from each other, in Brussels and Austin, it’s no wonder that a follow-up to … Continue reading

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May 7, 2019

Greydisc 2019 The fleshing out of intangible temptations from a multi-string duo who don’t pull a single one. Opulence has rarely balanced understated grandeur in either Kevin Kastning’s or Sándor Szabó’s canon, yet this album turns what the two started … Continue reading

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SONAR – The Bill Laswell Mix Translations

April 30, 2019

7d Media 2019 Permitting everything, master of aural surprise sheds a different light and shade on tracks which defined 2018 in understated terms. Groove is something that many listeners of this Zürich group seem to miss out on but it’s … Continue reading

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