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DAMO SUZUKI & LAPIS LAZULI – Live At The Ramsgate Music Hall 21.09.2019 / Louis Padilla’s Muzak Uzi

January 26, 2020

Lapis Lazuli 2020 Improvising on-stage and in the studio, Canterbury modernists rope in CAN warbler for a joint jaunt to face audience and fly free. It’s an oxymoron yet “intrepidly cautious” might well be LL’s MO, because they don’t seem … Continue reading

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December 18, 2019

7D Media 2019 Flying high above lo-fi, Seattle artiste cleanses one’s soul through primal scream and pacific dream. Classical training can either hamper or unhinge musicians’ avant-garde leanings, yet they complement each other to a great effect in Beth Fleenor’s … Continue reading

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THE WATTS – Decoherence

November 30, 2019

Bonobo’s Ark 2019 Scaling temperature in multiple ways, British avant-garde trio heats it up to hit the sweet spot. Despite this album’s title, there’s inner logic to the music Yumi Hara, Tim Hodgkinson and Chris Cutler laid down in 2018-2019 … Continue reading

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September 7, 2019

MoonJune 2019 Intimate and intuitive, little instrumental ensemble push the envelope beyond light and shade and shape penumbral numbers in the English way. Neither Mark Wingfield nor Gary Husband is a stranger to a duo setting, the former regularly releasing … Continue reading

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EXIT NORTH – Book Of Romance And Dust

August 26, 2019

Inner Knot 2018 To hear the world and the void, four well-respected musicians delve into universal soul and uncover their own vulnerability. Although the Nordic cool of this collective seems dispassionate, such an impression is illusory, and the key to … Continue reading

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