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BEAU – The Magic Of Public Relations

May 30, 2020

Cherry Red 2020 Veteran singer-songwriter unsheathes sword to cut through contemporary miasma – again. Did Trevor Midgley knew that crap would hit the fan or was it the artist’s usual state of being tuned into the times – and the … Continue reading

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BEAU – Damascus Road

April 5, 2019

Cherry Red 2019 Five decades on since his debut, Beau’s tuneful epistles remain ever-relevant and increasingly acidic. “It’s merely a drama by some other name”: this Shakespearean statement could summarize the album Trevor Midgley considers a personal milestone. Could – … Continue reading

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BEAU – Rattle The Asylum Bars

May 24, 2018

Cherry Red 2018 12-string Quixote states there’s no rest for the wicked until the wrongs of this world are righted. Another year, another album from Beau; another tear the singer-songwriter’s shedding for this mortal coil, another smile to encourage it … Continue reading

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BEAU – When Butterflies Scream

August 17, 2017

Cherry Red 2017 Breaking beauty upon a wheel, British troubadour tunes into the times. Within his album-a-year stretch of late, Trevor Midgley may not offer a lot of melodic variety, yet it’s not the 12-string guitar ringing that’s been luring … Continue reading

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BEAU – An Original Thought

May 7, 2016

Cherry Red 2016 Sarcasm aplenty, silk-voiced singer-songwriter sculpts optimistic outlook at the world that’s no lost cause. Given his nom de guerre and this record’s title, Trevor Midgley may seem a braggart, but the veteran artist’s weapon has always been … Continue reading

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