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BLACK SABBATH release a new live DVD

September 13, 2013

“Gathered In Their Masses”: this line from the immortal “War Pigs” is the title of the forthcoming concert film that catches BLACK SABBATH in the thick of their recent tour which the veterans embarked on after their rather infamous reunion, resulting in … Continue reading

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Hard Rock Albums Of The Year

June 10, 2013

Even though the first half of 2013 has yet to pass, it’s easy to say which records in the classic hard rock genre can win the day. At least, they rock hard DME’s day, three of them. That’s to answer the question … Continue reading

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BLACK SABBATH: The Nietzschean Way

April 15, 2013

June 11th is the release date of the new album by BLACK SABBATH. Titled for unknown reason “13”, which sound as evil now as the record’s “The Wicker Man”-inspired artwork, it’s produced by Rick Rubin and sees the band’s original drummer … Continue reading

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DIO’s “Magica” Comes Back

April 15, 2013

As great as  was at conceptualizing things, it’s surprising that he came up with only one thematically cohesive album during his life. 2000’s , arguably the last great record by DIO the band, told an interesting story and was originally planned as a … Continue reading

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Interview with DAVE WALKER

March 6, 2013

May 2008 Dave Walker’s a real blues man. The veteran of many a prominent British band most famous for his stint with SAVOY BROWN, twists and turns of Walker’s walk of life saw him fronting such an unlikely – for … Continue reading

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