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September 24, 2018

Market Square 2018 Frighteningly intense splicing of country tropes onto blues ropes from Norniron’s noisemaking trio. There’s something unsettling about “Scarecrow”: appearing today, when complacency has fuddled the fibers of many a music style, this record rips the cloth of … Continue reading

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September 23, 2018

Born Free Then Caged 2018 Lap steel going mental to harness six-string instrumental delirium ans reinvent the metal wheel. Languid: that would be the regular mode for a lap steel guitar – yet, having mastered it, Sean Williamson doesn’t see … Continue reading

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SAM LLANAS – Return Of The Goya – Part 1

August 11, 2018

Llanas Music 2018 Former BoDean delivers paean to his long-lost six-string and longs for his love to Appalachian lore. If the texture of Sam Llanas’ 2014 album “The Whole Night Thru” exposed bare, baroque nerve to the listener, the fiber … Continue reading

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MMHMM – mmhmm

June 20, 2018

Mmhmm 2018 Duo of decidedly non-divas deliver their drop-dead droll debut and get away with its pop-country charms. The capital of Tennessee must be teeming with talented youngsters, yet not taking oneself seriously requires much more strengths than simple musical … Continue reading

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BILLIE JO SPEARS – We Just Came Apart At The Dreams

April 19, 2018

Premier 1984 / Angel Air 2018 Burstin’ a pop bubble, country belle crosses over to the other side to woo British audiences. Having come out of her mid-’70s stretch of chart action, Billie Jo Spears couldn’t be a purist in … Continue reading

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