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RAINBOW’s 1979 Tour: Down And Out

May 19, 2015

It was a short-lived line-up of RAINBOW that took to the road in 1979, soon after the band’s fourth studio album, “Down To Earth,” had seen the light of day. And it was an interesting one as, fronted by Graham Bonnet, the band … Continue reading

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WHITESNAKE: first ever full bio

January 24, 2015

After almost four decades in existence, and given their immense popularity all around the world, it’s rather surprising that, to this date, there’s never been a full depiction of ‘s endeavors beyond his DEEP PURPLE start. Thankfully, this omission’s been corrected by now that … Continue reading

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RAINBOW to get boxed

December 21, 2014

If there’s a band in need of a proper box set treatment, it’s RAINBOW, and now there’s going to be one – but not in the form the group’s fans have been waiting for. Titled “Light In The Black 1975-1984” and scheduled … Continue reading

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BEDLAM – Live In Binghampton 1974

February 15, 2014

Angel Air 2013 British supergroup’s swan-song flight to the verge of greatness and the great undoing offers a new look on it all. Leaner and tighter: when this quartet set their collective foot in America, supporting BLACK SABBATH, they’d come … Continue reading

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BEDLAM – the last hurray

August 16, 2013

1974 was the year when the mighty BEDLAM ceased to exist. Not that there weren’t fire anymore in the interplay of the Ball brothers, bassist Denny and guitarist Dave, and the drums of Cozy Powell; it was the latter’s success with a … Continue reading

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