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HAWKWIND – The Emergency Broadcast Years: 1994-1997

May 1, 2018

Emergency Broadcast System 1994-1997 / Atomhenge 2018 Lean and mean era of eternity-embracing space assassins who faced misfortune with their guns blazing, if sometimes misfiring. One would assume it was going to be the ’80s to endanger the agenda of … Continue reading

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HAWKWIND – Coded Languages

March 6, 2015

Atomhenge 2015 Homecoming sleekness and cleansing ritual from cosmic team who spoke in tongues. It was totally unpredictable, given that most prog rock bands changed their tack at the end of the ’70s, that this ensemble would make it to … Continue reading

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HAWKWIND: two historic blasts

February 3, 2015

It’s still unknown whether this year will see a new studio album by HAWKWIND, but the start of 2015 is marked with two live ones from the legendary space-rockers. The first, out now, is titled “Coded Languages” and documents the band’s concert … Continue reading

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HAWKWIND – The Flicknife Years: 1981-1988

January 7, 2015

Flicknife 1981-1988 / Atomhenge 2014 Stray strands of space rockers’ labyrinthine DNA given a Schrodinger’s box treatment on five CDs. One may think the ’80s weren’t the greatest of times for HAWKS, yet leaving ‘s stable didn’t prevent the band … Continue reading

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HAWKWIND – Warrior On The Edge Of Time

October 15, 2013

United Artists 1975 / Atomhenge 2013 The crowning crystallization of the Ladbroke Grove troupe’s poetic justice and cosmic vision. This band have always been riding a paradox – their hippie scruffiness still goes against the well-honed grain of progressive rock … Continue reading

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