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April 21, 2018

MoonJune 2018 Belgian ivories operator opens a broad-view window into unbridled jazz-rock vista. “Vegir” means “roads” in Icelandic, and Dominique Vantomme’s creative trajectory covers a nice cut of map, including playing Hammond for compatriots VAYA CON DIOS and piano for … Continue reading

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DOLENNU – Dolennu

April 18, 2018

Market Square 2017 Enfolded in ether yet tangible, sonics from Welsh ensemble to wash you in emotion and slip away. Separately, the axes of this musical triangle have always been in the loop with regards to cutting edge treatment of … Continue reading

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TAYLOR’S UNIVERSE – Almost Perfected

April 8, 2018

Marvel Of Beauty 2017 Chasing the definitive verve of decade vintage, art-rock veteran captures elusive moments for posterity. It was easy to assume that rebooted Robin Taylor’s inspiration and gave his group a new start – and indeed, it did; … Continue reading

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March 21, 2018

Turtle Down 2018 Warm wonders from the Windy City where everyday heroes get their fair share of woe and joy. “There’s a dearth of fresh excitement in the music world today”: the statement from one of this record’s songs rings … Continue reading

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FOCUS – The Family Album

March 20, 2018

In And Out Of Focus / Cherry Red 2017 Snapshot of Dutch veterans’ recent past and nearest future, with not a ghost from distant palace. It’s a bit misleading: usually, family albums are dedicated to the exploration of roots and … Continue reading

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