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SLADE – Feel The Noize – The Singlez Box!

August 23, 2019

BMG 2019 Prime cuts and obscure chestnuts from definitive entertaining unit – bright, clean and packing a punch down the years. For all the brilliance of their albums, this Black Country bunch have always been an ultimate singles band whose … Continue reading

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July 31, 2019

Burger 2019 Exposed to the light, long-lost glam classic is out for a stroll down the Strip. If they were more prominent as performers, rather than writers, this group could have been huge, yet nobody really cared, and a series … Continue reading

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BE-BOP DELUXE – Sunburst Finish

June 3, 2019

Harvest 1976 / Esoteric 2018 Half in anger, half in sadness, English purveyors of secret prophesies serve up their greatest work without selling their souls down the river. The second half of the ’70s saw, as oxymoronic as it may … Continue reading

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January 3, 2019

HighVolMusic 2018 Make-up may be flaking but, when loyalty is a beacon, music and smile stay on. There’s something wonderfully wrong about this album that was born out of necessity and sympathy because its bare-bone nature goes against the very … Continue reading

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GLAMWEAZEL – The Great Unknown

November 8, 2018

Angel Air 2018 Juggling memories and visions from the future, glittering nomads from London venture off in search of their best bits and pieces. “Damage is done”: this statement from ONE THE JUGGLER’s should define that British band’s offshoot GLAMWEAZEL … Continue reading

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