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DeMILLE – DeMille

October 20, 2017

DeMille 2017 From Seattle to Sacramento, young auteur of androgynous stripe walks a sunlit mile. It took this artist a great overhaul, after his 2013 debut didn’t make a splash, and Mick DeMille emerged where Forrest Heise used to be; … Continue reading

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March 14, 2017

Cleopatra 2016 Four decades since their onset, Mancunians’ onslaught comes full, vicious circle to shake, rattle and roll. You don’t need to be a shrink to feel the bite in a Rorschach inkblot on the cover of this record, the … Continue reading

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JOANovARC – Ride Of Your Life

March 8, 2017

Red Vixen 2016 London ladies live it like they give it: every minute to to the limit. Hard to say whether this quartet heard of Riot Grrrls or Suzi Q, but in terms of glitter, anger and energy they’re as … Continue reading

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HEY! HELLO! – Hey! Hello! Too!

October 14, 2016

Round Records 2016 Intense ‘n’ infectious: vehicle for Ginger Wildheart’s pop impulses delivers second set of epistles – tuneful enough to die for. A murderous bunny on the cover of this record speaks volumes of its hyperactive killer content, but … Continue reading

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July 5, 2015

Regard 1984 / Angel Air 2015 Caravan romanticism from London lads who put the old-time warmth into a new wave cold. Gypsy image wasn’t all the rage in the fashion-obsessed early ‘80s, but this lot didn’t care. Paying slight sonic … Continue reading

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