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Judy Dyble Releases An Autobiography

May 10, 2016

She’s a brilliant storyteller, , which is something you could expect from someone with a librarian bent and a band disposition. She might have been too shy to show it back in FAIRPORT CONVENTION or TRADER HORNE, yet pieces like … Continue reading

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TRADER HORNE: A One-Off Comeback

August 25, 2015

TRADER HORNE are to be back! Reclaiming her glory and still on the rise,  has went not only for writing her autobiography but also for resurrecting the legendary, if not mythical, band the singer once was a part of, together with Jackie McAuley. Their … Continue reading

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JUDY DYBLE – Gathering The Threads

March 12, 2015

Judy Dyble 2015 Subtitled “Fifty Years Of Stuff,” a marvelous overview of lost gem’s of English folk rock first decades on the stage and behind the scenes. She may be praised as a national treasure now, but only core followers … Continue reading

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Judy Dyble dusts off personal treasures

February 28, 2015

Strange it may seem – yet logical it is! – but the last years have seen ‘s creative revival and a resurgence of interest to her music which reaches far beyond the singer’s work with FAIRPORT CONVENTION and a proto-KING … Continue reading

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JUDY DYBLE – Live At WM Jazz

October 16, 2014

Cromerzone 2014 Unique performance from unique artiste creating enchanted garden in the midst of urban jungle. “Concert recording” and : for many years these words couldn’t share a context. Since the late ’60s, the singer’s on-stage appearances have been sporadic … Continue reading

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