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EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER – Once Upon A Time In South America

April 19, 2017

RockBeat 2015 / S’more 2017 Beyond pomp and circumstance, prog giants expose their true selves and thrive live. Their legendary status and acclaim as virtuosi might overshadow the fact that ELP were a little rock combo who used to think … Continue reading

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Keith Emerson Passed Away

March 11, 2016

A man who shaped a show out of playing a piano, Keith Emerson, died, aged 71. He was a real revolutionary when it came to delivering a tune and taking it to the public, and if that meant ravaging the ivories, … Continue reading

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THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO – The Keith Emerson Trio

December 21, 2015

Cherry Red 2015 Not-so-humble origins of prog rock’s premier ivories-abuser who used to swing with a furious grace. Well-known for his sharp attack on various wired keyboards, Keith Emerson had developed a softer touch long before his grand piano was … Continue reading

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Keith Emerson Issues His Earliest Tapes

September 29, 2015

A rarity and a collector’s item, that’s what the recordings by THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO have been. Laid down in 1963 in the future prog giant’s parents’ house in Woking, right in the front room, these jazz numbers made it onto four … Continue reading

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KEITH EMERSON & GREG LAKE – Live From Manticore Hall

January 3, 2015

Esoteric 2014 Two thirds of a mighty trio strip the bombast to come closer to home. 2010’s High Voltage Festival was the last time ELP arrived before the audience: the effort put into just one performance put Carl Palmer off … Continue reading

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