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THE GODS – To Samuel A Son

May 14, 2013

EMI 1969 / Esoteric 2013 An exodus to the greatness and a story to be told as future rock Olympians gear up for epic ventures. Here’s a bit of a conundrum: whereas concept albums often shift melodies down in favor … Continue reading

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Interview with DAVE KILMINSTER – Part 1

May 8, 2013

March 2013 To many, Dave Kilminster came to prominence rather recently, when he became a lead guitarist in Roger Waters’ band and started to solo atop The Wall. To this scribe, though, he became an artist to marvel at way … Continue reading

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THE GODS – Genesis

May 7, 2013

EMI 1968 / Esoteric 2013 A supergroup that never was try their embryonic might – now in stereo and mono mixes. Mostly remembered nowadays by   fans for having  and in the ranks, THE GODS’ line-ups also included Mick Taylor and … Continue reading

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This Dance Won’t Be The Last One

April 11, 2013

In the light of  regarding “Dancer And The Moon”, a forthcoming album by BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, who recorded a cover of ‘s perennial “Lady In Black”, it was only logical to ask the song’s writer, , what he thinks about this turn of events. Ken, … Continue reading

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Back To The Moon

April 10, 2013

Following the path set back in 1997 with “Shadow Of The Moon” and continued two years later with “Under A Violent Moon”, BLACKMORE’S NIGHT pick it up, six albums down the line, with “Dancer And The Moon”. Out on June 11th, this new album … Continue reading

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