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TEMPLE – Temple

May 27, 2018

Psi-Fi 1997 / Mental Experience 2018 Non-existent ensemble enroll in existential experiment of extolling sonic edifices. Laid down in an on-the-spot fashion in the mid-’70s by a loose posse of kindred spirits, all bent on forbidden pleasures of improv, this … Continue reading

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REQUIEM – For A World After

November 13, 2017

Daviton 1981 / Mental Experience 2017 Blissful delirium as a soundtrack for fear – and hope for a new holocaust to never happen. In 1981, Cold War was on the mind of many a worried Westerner, including George A. Speckert … Continue reading

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VARIOUS ARTISTS – Cologne Curiosities

March 2, 2017

Mental Experience 2016 “The Unknown Krautrock Underground 1972-1976”: a compilation baring rarely seen aspects of the German genre. This is an initial instalment in a series of platters aimed to cover the whole output of Pyramid Records, an obscure label … Continue reading

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MANI NEUMEIER ‎- Talking Guru Drums

November 3, 2016

Musiker 2014 / Purple Pyramid ‎2016 Beyond the motorik, Krautrock’s premier percussionist takes his thunder on a globetrotting trip. Almost five decades on since their inception, GURU GURU still grow in stature, but sometimes this progress feels too straightforward for … Continue reading

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TYLL – Sexphonie

October 19, 2016

Kerston 1975 / Mental Experience 2016 One-off German gem: studio shenanigans from the outskirts of Krautrock. By mid-’70s bolshie proggers EULENSPYGEL were effectively over so, when offered an album deal, their associate guitarist Det Fonfara corralled a studio ensemble, called … Continue reading

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