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June 18, 2020

MoonJune 2020 Coronavirus-enforced burst of creativity from in-the-moment masters results in purest sensory rapture. Here’s an album that could have never existed if not for circumstances which made its appearance inevitable. Surprisingly, it’s the first Gary Husband and Markus Reuters’ … Continue reading

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STEPHAN THELEN – Fractal Guitar

February 8, 2019

MoonJune 2019 Refracting sonic wonders through the prism of temporal space, Swiss artist harnesses ultimate elusiveness. Happening that takes place over time may feel like an oxymoron yet that’s what this album is all about: it’s seizing a shift from … Continue reading

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XAVI REIJA – The Sound Of The Earth

December 14, 2018

MoonJune 2018 Fathoming terrestrial depths, Tarragonès polymath leads a stellar line-up out of our world and back again. “Abyss”: this track from 2016’s may amount to a summary of Xavi Reija’s approach to aural landscaping, but the Catalanian drummer has … Continue reading

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February 20, 2018

MoonJune 2017 Burning a beacon of surprise, international trio of intrepid spirits beckon a storm to steer them away and bring back to safer haven. Musicians are like children: leave them unattended, and they begin to play, mixing risk and … Continue reading

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STICK MEN – Roppongi – Live In Tokyo 2017

February 10, 2018

MoonJune 2017 Most emotional expansion brings out the tenderness and trepidation in troika of wandering spirits. Mythbusters might formulate it quite concisely, stating that “triangles are the strongest shape because any added force is evenly spread through all three sides,” … Continue reading

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