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“Wish You Were Here” To Get An All-Star Tribute

April 7, 2021

It’s difficult to argue that there have been enough homages paid to PINK FLOYD by now – just as difficult that there have been a lot of remotely recorded albums lately. Still, with remote work being a new norm and … Continue reading

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G.D. Praetorius: Babysitting A Band On The Rocks

July 13, 2018

G.D. Praetorius 2017 Behind the scenes “fanoir” of production manager who helped stars be on a roll. Punters who pack concert halls to see their favorite artist may encounter an occasional thought of how much work goes into it, yet … Continue reading

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September 6, 2016

MoonJune 2016 When lunatics are on the grass: unhinged reading of PINK FLOYD’s pinnacle by irreverently imaginative Italians. There’s been a lot of takes on “The Dark Side Of The Moon” – up to bluegrass and dub ones – but, … Continue reading

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Vocal Take On PINK FLOYD’s “Dark Side” To Be Out

April 26, 2016

Through the years, there’s been a few homages paid to PINK FLOYD’s “The Dark Side Of The Moon” – including so unexpected dub one – but this classic remains open to interpretation. The problem is to find a new angle … Continue reading

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Alice Cooper And Rick Wakeman Cover PINK FLOYD

March 25, 2016

Out for some time, this somehow fell through informational cracks: another orchestral take on PINK FLOYD – now it was “Wish You Were Here” as peformed by THE LONDON ORION ORCHESTRA – involves such luminaries as Alice Cooper, who at one time shared a producer with the … Continue reading

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