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MICHAEL TREW – Waiting In The Wings

September 9, 2018

Natural Cut 2017 Seattle singer serves up a stunning solo showcase of exquisite expectancy. Michael Trew is mostly known as a vocalist for AUTUMN ELECTRIC and is involved in a few other collectives, so his time-management skills are admirable because … Continue reading

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THE WALK-A-BOUT – Things Are Looking Up

July 31, 2018

Shred The Evidence 2018 Trying out new line-up, New York quintet cast their glances to the skies to squint at optimistic fallout. If it takes a band little longer than a year to follow their self-titled debut with a cocky … Continue reading

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June 18, 2018

Flying Mammals 2017 Consolidating strength in numbers, Sandpoint-born siblings spiral out into global orbit. “We Have Come So Far”: oozing pride in spades, this psychedelic piece from the Birdsall brothers’ fourth album reports from a pivotal point in FM’s run … Continue reading

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GIN BLOSSOMS – Mixed Reality

June 14, 2018

Cleopatra 2018 No more misery: Arizona artisans regain their smile and pack existence into a retrofuturistic gift box. It took this ensemble almost three decades to embrace anew their erstwhile innocence as well as rhyme and reason that resonated throughout … Continue reading

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MATTHEW FISHER – Matthew Fisher / Strange Days

May 2, 2018

Mercury 1979, 1981 / Angel Air 2018 Pilgrim’s progress to the pastures of pop in pursuit of pleasure as opposed to pomp and circumstance. Solo career has never been ‘s priority. He issued two albums between quitting and producing Robin … Continue reading

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