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AGE OF AQUARIUS – Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius

October 22, 2018

Rock Company 2017 International duo stage chemical wedding of heavenly bodies – given a groove and a reason to rock. Running the gamut from heavy metal to art-rock and ambient, it was only a matter if time until Peter Cox … Continue reading

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BEN POOLE – Anytime You Need Me

October 10, 2018

Manhaton 2018 Exploring lighter shade of blue, British artist embraces young segment of his fandom and becomes a heartthrob. There’s logical progression from 2016’s to this album which also deals with temporal matters, yet those who wished that Ben Poole … Continue reading

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MICHAEL TREW – Waiting In The Wings

September 9, 2018

Natural Cut 2017 Seattle singer serves up a stunning solo showcase of exquisite expectancy. Michael Trew is mostly known as a vocalist for AUTUMN ELECTRIC and is involved in a few other collectives, so his time-management skills are admirable because … Continue reading

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THE WALK-A-BOUT – Things Are Looking Up

July 31, 2018

Shred The Evidence 2018 Trying out new line-up, New York quintet cast their glances to the skies to squint at optimistic fallout. If it takes a band little longer than a year to follow their self-titled debut with a cocky … Continue reading

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June 18, 2018

Flying Mammals 2017 Consolidating strength in numbers, Sandpoint-born siblings spiral out into global orbit. “We Have Come So Far”: oozing pride in spades, this psychedelic piece from the Birdsall brothers’ fourth album reports from a pivotal point in FM’s run … Continue reading

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