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PROCOL HARUM Issue An Album After Sabbatical

February 1, 2017

Living up to one’s legacy is an unenviable task; that’s why, perhaps, it took  14 years to follow “This Well’s On Fire” with a new record, although the band have retained a live presence throughout this period. “Novum” is set to arrive on … Continue reading

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PROCOL HARUM – Procol Harum

June 29, 2015

Regal Zonophone 1967 / Esoteric 2015 A cornerstone of art rock, still fresh and shining brightly. One may wonder whether PROCOL HARUM really understood the grandiosity of their debut single – one of the most impressive debut ever – when … Continue reading

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PROCOL HARUM New Reissues: “Dog” And “Home” Breakdown

May 30, 2015

As we reported , there’s a new series of ‘s reissues on the horizon, with the band’s first two albums to be out on June 29th, and their third and fourth ones to follow on, as it turned out, July 31st. These … Continue reading

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PROCOL HARUM: The Ultimate Reissues Of The Trower Era

May 8, 2015

Six years ago, when Salvo launched their PROCOL HARUM , it might seem exhaustive but there were omissions, which made the band’s fans keep their 1997 Repertoire editions for additional bonus material. More so, there were audio issues (some of them are addressed … Continue reading

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Interview with DAVE BALL

April 2, 2015

January 2015 On March 31st, 2015, the next day after his 65th birthday, Dave Ball, one of the finest, and criminally underrated, English guitarists, passed away. The world’s become a much more boring place without him in it, as Dave was … Continue reading

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