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SKY EMPIRE – The Dark Tower

February 22, 2019

Rock Company 2018 British progressive metallurgists debut on a large scale – with no reason to cut it down. Basing one’s work on literary sources can either mean the deficiency of own’s ideas or be a launchpad for imagination. In … Continue reading

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September 3, 2018

Rock Company 2017 Fantasy-styled rock opera that fascinates without fulfilling its no-frills prophesy. Unicorns and dragons are most captivating creatures, ethereal and muscular at the same time, that, when projected onto musical canvas, can lend themselves to new-age and power … Continue reading

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HeKz – Invicta

August 24, 2018

BMH Audio 2018 Bedfordshire band brace themselves for victory lap but stop short of getting laurel wreath. With eyes on the prize, this English ensemble seemed determined to win it, and 2014’s – the quintet’s second album that stressed their … Continue reading

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AYREON – Ayreon Universe

April 14, 2018

Mascot 2018 Cosmic escapism brought back to mortal soil for an all-encompassing journey through space and time and an ultimate triumph. Stage representation of Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s concepts always seemed problematic: given their writer’s creative vision which is bound to … Continue reading

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June 15, 2017

Rockshots 2017 The power with no glory: spectacular dystopia from Italian purveyors of heavy concept. Progressive metal doesn’t seem to allow for a lot of laughter, but this Urbino band turned the rule inside out by pitching a smirk into … Continue reading

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