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DAMANEK – In Flight

November 27, 2018

Giant Electric Pea 2018 Over the mountains and far away: universal collective of art-rock practitioners break the ties that bind and take wing. Here’s an ensemble whose members don’t care about belonging to prog domain, and here’s an album which … Continue reading

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YES – Yessongs

November 19, 2018

Yessongs 1972 / MVD 2018 Taste the fruit of band recorded winning all against the hour: quintessential prog ensemble captured on the edge of glory and presented on Blu-ray. For many years, YES were being both blessed and blamed for … Continue reading

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ARMONITE – And The Stars Above

November 13, 2018

Purple Pyramid 2018 Per aspera ad astra: Apennine art-rockers concentrate on celestial affairs to comprehend what’s happening around them. It was clear upon the release of 2015’s that violinist Jacopo Bigi and keyboard player Paolo Fosso returned to the fray … Continue reading

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GRYPHON – Raindances

November 9, 2018

Transatlantic 1973-1975 / Esoteric 2018 Rejoice to hear the solemn curfew: complete classic oeuvre by a troupe whose roots could split rock. Strange as a mythical creature they were named after and sometimes as surreal as in Carrollian portrayal, this … Continue reading

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DIALETO – Live With David Cross

November 7, 2018

Chromatic Music 2018 Brazilian band bent on Bartók deliver their audacious dances to appreciative audience. Dedication, determination and a right dose of madness” that’s what made DIALETO’s such a storming success, yet taking the album many perceived as a one-off … Continue reading

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