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ANDERSON / STOLT – Invention Of Knowledge

July 4, 2016

InsideOut 2016 God in the details: cognitive elevation of indomitable progressive spirits. As far as concept albums go, and Roine Stolt are unrivalled in embroidering big ideas with little things which make it all spectacularly special, yet there’s no limit … Continue reading

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RICK WAKEMAN – Starship Trooper

June 19, 2016

RICK WAKEMAN - Starship Trooper

Cleopatra 2016 Caped Crusader’s latest endeavors in outer sonic space – on the others’ orbits and with new discoveries. Rick may not like it much yet this compilation is a small treasure trove for a Wakeman fan not willing to … Continue reading

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N.y.X. – The News

June 13, 2016

7D Media 2016 Penumbral messages out of noosphere: Turin trio take it to the limit and stress-test the media madness with Crimsonites in tow. Seven year down the line from “Down In Shadows” which signaled their advent, this Italian band … Continue reading

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YUKA & CHRONOSHIP – The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

June 1, 2016

Cherry Red 2015 Continuing their time travel, intrepid explorers venture into the history of our piece of rock. Skipping from orbit to orbit, keyboardist Yuka Funakoshi’s band have been closing in on this mortal soil for two albums now and, … Continue reading

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November 6, 2015

Luminescent 2015 Illuminating the highlights of a Homer classic, Californian guitarist creates an epic of his own. It might have been John Donne who said, “No man is an island,” but it was a Greek poet who mentioned an island … Continue reading

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