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SIENA ROOT – The Secret Of Our Time

March 5, 2020

MiG 2020 Stockholm helmsemen of cosmic steamboats take a trip into familiar unknown and bring back tuneful reports. For years, this Swedish collective ploughed a psych-inspired hard-rock furrow, with 2017’s “A Dream of Lasting Peace” a seeming pinnacle of their … Continue reading

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November 24, 2019

Roy Leonard Herman 2019 From New York City to California and per aspera ad astra, veteran artist navigates nebulae but gets lost along the way. Emerging from the interstellar furrow he’s been ploughing for the last 25 years, Roy Herman … Continue reading

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PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS – Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live!

November 22, 2019

Purple Pyramid 2019 Former Hawk pilots his predecessor’s concept into eternity and finds fresh way to explore its twists, turns and barrel rolls. Captivating as it was, didn’t become the extravaganza such a slice of satire strived for – due, … Continue reading

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HAWKESTREL – The Future Is Us

September 10, 2019

Purple Pyramid 2019 Removing locks from an old box, a flock of HAWKWIND alumni find a new nest for exploring vibrant continuum. As their erstwhile mothership seems to be ensconced in its pseudo-concept space, bent on alienating fans and former … Continue reading

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DER BLUTHARSCH – Wish I Weren’t Here

April 19, 2019

WKN 2019 Austrian ensemble embrace immaculate concentration to will their dark desires into existence. This record comes with a warning, requiring an altered state of mind from the listener eager to fathom its expanse – only the expanse is microcosmic … Continue reading

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