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HAWKWIND – The Emergency Broadcast Years: 1994-1997

May 1, 2018

Emergency Broadcast System 1994-1997 / Atomhenge 2018 Lean and mean era of eternity-embracing space assassins who faced misfortune with their guns blazing, if sometimes misfiring. One would assume it was going to be the ’80s to endanger the agenda of … Continue reading

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DER BLUTHARSCH – Sucht & Ordnung

February 26, 2018

WKN 2016 Method to the madness finds its place at the altar of cosmic consciousness. Tight yet expansive is the run of this album that’s comprised of three untitled cuts which measure the distance Albin Julius’ project has gone since … Continue reading

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NIK TURNER – Life In Space

January 6, 2018

Purple Pyramid 2017 Charged with cosmic energy, restless reedman soldiers on to chain the rage of the greatest enigma. “It’s not a rut if it’s in space” could be Nik Turner’s motto had it not been a concept for rolling … Continue reading

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REQUIEM – For A World After

November 13, 2017

Daviton 1981 / Mental Experience 2017 Blissful delirium as a soundtrack for fear – and hope for a new holocaust to never happen. In 1981, Cold War was on the mind of many a worried Westerner, including George A. Speckert … Continue reading

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TIM BLAKE – Blake’s New Jerusalem

October 26, 2017

Egg 1978 / Esoteric 2017 With arrows of desire, ambient rock pioneer embarks on mental flight to get his chariots of fire. In hindsight the parallel between two Blakes, Tim and William, may see obvious – deeper than their last … Continue reading

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