JETHRO TULL Inflate “Bursting Out”

April 11, 2024

Restoring a classic live album to its original running order by inserting previously unreleased tracks only to ruin its organic flow by appending soundcheck recordings to each of its two discs seems highly illogical – yet that’s the exact crime the compilers of JETHRO TULL‘s “Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition” committed. This unexpected addition to what to date has been, with the exclusion of the band’s first platters, a chronological reissue programme is to be out on June 21st as a typical for the series box set comprising three CDs and three DVDs, with sound remixed by, of course, Steven Wilson.

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Bill MacCormick Publishes Autobiography

April 10, 2024

One’s career rarely gets any more progressive than that of Bill MacCormick, an English politician who played a prominent role within Liberal Party and Liberal Democrats but is primarily known for playing bass on a variety of memorable records. Some may suggest the world caught on to his immense melodic talents on a couple of pieces from Eno’s “Here Come The Warm Jets” yet Bill’s finest hour had come earlier, on an eponymous debut and "Little Red Record" albums by MATCHING MOLE MacCormick helped his old friend Robert Wyatt form and develop. However, it was not the beginning of the veteran’s story which is recounted in his new book.

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Ringo Starr Pairs Up With Linda Perry For An EP

April 9, 2024

On a roll in recent years, Ringo Starr seems set on carrying on issuing extended play records as opposed to full-length offerings – although he promised to present a country platter in a not so-far-away future – and released no less than four such EPs since 2019’s “What’s My Name” album, "Rewind Forward" appearing as late as October 2023. And there’s another one in the pipeline, titled “Crooked Boy” and scheduled to see the light of day on May 31st.

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David Byron’s Band Tapes Are Put On The Rocks – Again

April 8, 2024

Next year will mark four decades since the untimely passing of David Byron who shot to fame fronting URIAH HEEP – the ensemble he created with Mick Box – yet, possessed by inner demons, was fired to never find new fortunes. The only longplay from the singer’s next endeavor, ROUGH DIAMOND, where he performed alongside Clem Clempson and Willie Bath, flopped, and it wasn’t until 1980, after he had met guitarist Robin George that David embarked on a fresh collective enterprise, simply called THE BYRON BAND, and delivered a platter titled “On The Rocks”, featuring such luminaries as Mel Collins, Bob Jackson, Roger Flavelle and John Shearer, which saw quite a few reissues. Still, the one coming on June 28th should become its ultimate re-release.

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CACTUS Build A Temple To Themselves – With Stellar Guests

April 7, 2024

When Carmine Appice calls, one doesn’t keep him hanging on, one says yes: that much had been known way before the legendary drummer’s “Guitar Zeus” albums gathered the best players in the land – his reputation from the prog-prototyping start of VANILLA FUDGE to disco-driving period of “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” co-penned with Rod Stewart and beyond the stint with Ozzy Osbourne is rock solid. Still, of all the projects the veteran ued to be part of CACTUS must be the least celebrated, despite this band’s strong string of records in two life spans, one running from 1969 to 1972 and the other from 2006 until now. And while there was never a shortage of fresh material, as 2021’s "Tightrope" suggested rather convincingly, its follow-up passed the ensemble’s classic pieces to quite a few stellar guests.

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