Welsh Legends MAN’s BBC Archive Is Anthologized

June 25, 2022

For all their studio record’s allure, prog-cum-pub rockers MAN‘s forte has always been performing on-stage, and while the Welsh ensemble’s classics like "2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle" are still appealing, there’s no such atomic energy in those platters as there are in the band’s live albums like MAN – All’s Well That Ends Well that didn’t lose an iota of the excitement the collective were able to produce. This is why the six-disc boxset “Life On The Road – On Air 1972-1983” which is scheduled for September 30th release should hold a lot of expectancy for the group’s fans.

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Original ALICE COOPER Release A Report From Reunion Concert

June 23, 2022

Over the years, there have been quite a few reunions of the original ALICE COOPER group – well, sans Glen Buxton, of course, as he passed away before they got together again in 1999, for the first time since 1975 when the ensemble’s singer absconded with their name – the last of these gatherings happening as recently as 2021, yet it’s the band’s October 2015 concert that was preserved for posterity to be released under the title of “Live From The Astroturf” on September 30th. The veterans, augmented with Ryan Roxie on guitar, were invited to the “Good Records store in Dallas and delivered stellar performances of a smattering of their classics which will be out as a CD / DVD or CD / Blu-ray and as a variously colored vinyl / DVD limited edition packages.

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FLASH Live Tapes To Fly Off The Shelves

June 20, 2022

Five decades down the line from the release of their first record, FLASH remain criminally underrated and remembered mostly thanks to being formed by former YES guitarist Peter Banks, although the British band’s music also owed a lot to bassist Ray Bennett, vocalist Colin Carter and drummer Mike Hough. Of course, the foursome didn’t last long, yet their three ’70s platters – the self-titled debut and “In The Can” from 1972 and 1973’s “Out Of Our Hands” – are arresting progressive rock classics, whereas a couple posthumous concert albums, issued without the surviving members’ consent, couldn’t impress an aficionado due to the tapes’ under-par sonic quality. However, the three CDs of “In The USA” that should see the light of day on September 9th, may remedy the fans perception of the quartet as a live unit.

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ENGLAND Restore Their Japanese Recordings

June 18, 2022

With their sole ’70s album “Garden Shed” and the only EP “The Imperial Hotel” praised by progressive rock cognoscenti, British ensemble ENGLAND have long been considered cult heroes so, despite the fact that the band’s alumni would find fame, if not fortune, as part of other popular collectives, their fans always wanted to see them produce more music. The veterans delivered an archive collection in 1997 and even a new longplay “Box Of Circles” as late as 2017, which means part of the followers wish was granted, yet many of those didn’t realize the group got back on stage a few times, their last, one-off concert having happened in 2019 and the previous reunion taking them in 2006 not only to Baja Festival but also to the Land of the Rising Sun whence the “Live in Japan: Kikimimi” CD came soon after. The recordings taken from a single show there, though there were two, to be mixed in a rush and abridged – the situation to be remedied on August 15th, with a new release originating from the old journey.

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Prog Keyboardists Revisit Synth Perennials

June 15, 2022

While the legacy of early electronic wizards has been highly influential and is widespread, there’s not a lot of examples of their peers or contemporary artists covering what the extremely interesting forthcoming album terms “Synthesizer Classics”: a collection of evergreen pieces whose tunes seem to be inseparably attached to their sonic palette – given an overhaul by progressive rock’s ivories drivers, including no less than three keyboardists associated with YES, and one unknown piano player.

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