Top Topham Appears On His Daughter’s New Single

August 13, 2022

KARAMELIEN might be a new project with a solid pedigree, a British duo formed by top-notch singer-songwriter LĂ©anie Kaleido and her no less accomplished compadre, guitarist Mark Foster, but the title of their debut single “Ascension Heights” would seem familiar to blues-rock cognoscenti, because that was also the title of THE YARDBIRDS original guitarist’s Top Topham‘s first solo album, out in 1969. That’s no coincidence, though, as Ms. Kaleido is the veteran’s daughter.

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Farewell, Sandy Dillon And Ray Majors

August 11, 2022

Two prominent figures of British musical landscape, Sandy Dillon and Ray Majors, left this mortal coil within days of each other: death did not do them part. There’s no details presently on the reason of the couple’s unexpected, untimely passing, but whatever it was, this news bring immense sadness to those who followed the great artists through the years, because – together, separately or with other performers – Ray and Sandy created fabulous sounds.

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Songwriting Giant Lamont Dozier Passed Away

August 10, 2022

Lamont Dozier, one of the architects of modern music – a giant of classic soul and contemporary pop – passed away on August 8th at the age of 81. It might have seemed that in the later years the veteran was taking stock of his achievements – publishing autobiography “How Sweet It Is” and issuing "Reimagination": an album of acoustic renditions of gems he helped to have penned – yet it wasn’t the case. More than anything, it signified the Motown legend’s careful curating of his legacy and keeping his career on the rails, in the ever-relevant state.

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August 9, 2022

Quite possibly Mark Murdock’s most loved project – existing alongside MASHEEN MESSIAH, THE NEW EMPIRE and his solo and collaborative output – the ensemble named CYMBALIC ENCOUNTERS had a heavyweight aura to them from the very beginning: from 2013’s when this Japan-based American, who’d played in Peter Banks’ EMPIRE, roped in Percy Jones and John Goodsall to contribute, as composers and performers, to his “Cymbalic Encounters” album. It wasn’t a one-off affair, though, as The BRAND X veterans stayed on to appear on that record’s successors, 2020’s "Exploration Of The Southern Constellation" and its follow-up that’s titled “Cerulean Cathedral” and is slated to be out on September 16th on CD and as a download and on October 21st on vinyl.

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Rory Gallagher’s “Deuce” Gets A Deluxe Treatment

August 5, 2022

First issued in 1971 to an initially lackluster reception, Rory Gallagher‘s “Deuce” album has cast a long shadow over the years, its opening and closing numbers – “Used To Be” and “Crest Of A Wave” – becoming surefire concert classics with the Irish guitarist’s brilliant delivery stoked by the rhythm section of Gerry McAvoy and Wilgar Campbell. So it will be a real treat for completists and aficionados to delve into the record’s a bit belated 50th Anniversary Edition which is to see the light of day on September 30th in a variety of formats, including a four-CD deluxe box set.

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