Todd Rundgren Pictures The Individualist On Stage

November 26, 2022

Having numerous and widely varied albums under his belt allows Todd Rundgren to link seemingly unconnected songs on stage to create new contexts and new concepts for familiar melodies. But the veteran was also able display ironic self-deprecation when preparing his latest concert release that bears the title of “The Individualist, A True Star – Live” and documents the legendary artist’s performance at “Penn’s Peak” in Jim Thorpe, PA on June 14th, 2019.

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LINDISFARNE Dust Off Their BBC Archives

November 24, 2022

If “Fog On The Tyne” and “We Can Swing Together” were the only songs they ever released, it would have been enough to see LINDISFARNE firmly woven into the fiber of British popular music but, for all the folk influences of the Newcastle band, this ensemble also operated on the border of pub rock, as their immortal anthem “Meet Me On The Corner” might suggest, and there would be darker, Gothic motifs too, as “Lady Eleanor” could testify. Still playing dates of their 50th anniversary “Story Of Lindisfarne” tour – this trek is on its fifth chapter now – and still led by one of the founders, bassist Rod Clements, have been a great stage attraction for decades now, even after the untimely passing of original singer Alan Hull, so there’s no denying of the pull the veterans’ forthcoming box set of BBC recordings will present.

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Ian Hunter’s New Album, Featuring Ringo, Gets Delayed

November 22, 2022

Back in the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll, a longplay platter’s release didn’t seem to be too complicated a thing because the number of media an album was on had been limited to vinyl; today, this material’s popularity and the scarcity of record plants leads to significant deferral periods between the issue of compact disc and vinyl version of albums, and to come confusion too. Not so long ago, Ian Hunter‘s fans were glad to hear of the forthcoming appearance of former MOTT THE HOOPLE warbler’s new song cycle, a follow-up to “Fingers Crossed” from 2016., titled “Defiance Part 1” and scheduled to hit the shelves on November 18th. Only this date’s passed, and no vendor offered the platter.

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Paul Carrack Marks Work Anniversary With Big Band Covers

November 20, 2022

Five decades in a business, especially in show business, is a respectable stint, and if an artist of such experience has been successful most of the time, he deserves accolades even more. Aa a voice and a pen behind the perennial “How Long” Paul Carrack can’t complain in this regard, having numerous hits not only as a solo act but also with ACE, SQUEEZE and MIKE + THE MECHANICS, which is why the singer decided to find a different way to celebrate his work anniversary. Never a stranger to delivering classic cuts – the veteran’s 2010 album “A Different Hat” consisted mostly of those – Carrack recorded an entire set of covers.

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THIN LIZZY Box Up “Live And Dangerous” For Non-Visual Set

November 18, 2022

Once in a blue moon some ensembles serve up concert albums that define their career as much as their best studio platters, but while the Japanese recordings from DEEP PURPLE and CHEAP TRICK have never been compromised by vicious rumors, the legacy of THIN LIZZY‘s 1978 set “Live And Dangerous” was marred by decades-long misinformation of on-stage tapes’ significant off-stage enhancements. Of course, the double-LP’s quality it’s a testament to the legendary band’s impeccable delivery as well as Tony Visconti’s talent as producer and the skilled engineering courtesy, first of all, of Rob O’Brien, but even the further, expanded releases couldn’t dissuade the unbelievers in the non-doctoring of source tracks. And though the unbelievers will hardly want to listen to the classic’s 45 anniversary reissue, the group’s followers will be glad to delve into the 8CD-box which hits the shelves on January 20th, 2023.

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