10CC Dust Off Old Concert; Graham Gouldman Brings Starr And May To Fresh Album

Amazingly, given the longevity of both 10CC and Graham Gouldman‘s careers, the number of the band’s platters of onstage origin and the composer’s solo albums are very limited. That’s why it’s so great to see their new releases scheduled for the next month: the ensemble’s “Live 1980” and the multi-instrumentalist’s “I Have Notes” – the former, as its title suggests, an old recording, the latter a freshly cut one.

The collective effort that will be issued on July 19th might have been sourced from the long-out-of-print video of that vintage, but there never was a concert document from the ’80s anyway, which is why to hear such classics “I’m Mandy, Fly Me” from the ensemble in their prime feels essential.

10CC –
Live 1980

1. Wall Street Shuffle
2. One Two Five
3. I’m Mandy, Fly Me
4. Lovers Anonymous
5. How Ever Gonna Say Goodbye
6. Good Morning Judge
7. From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
8. Art For Art’s Sake
9. It Doesnt Matter At All
10. The Things We Do For Love
11. Don’t Send Me Back
12. Deadlock Holiday


I Have Notes

As for Gouldman, his fourth solo offering per se will be out a bit earlier, on July 5th, but will present only 36 minutes of music, including one Graham’s evergreen which features several high-profile guests – although these are not as great in stature as Ringo Starr, Hank Marvin and Albert Lee who joined their old friend on the follow-up to “Modesty Forbids” from 2020. The songs are impeccable, of course, if the lead single with Brian May on guitar (watch the video below) is anything to go by.

1. Floating In Heaven (feat. Brian May)
2. We’re Alive
3. When You Find Love (feat. Hank Marvin)
4. Play Me (The Ukulele Song)
5. A Christmas Affair (feat. Beth Nielsen Chapman)
6. Couldn’t Love You More (feat. Ringo Starr)
7. It’s Time For Me To Go
8. Don’t Tell Lies
9. I’m Lazy
10. Celestial Light
11. Say You Love Me Tonight (feat. Albert Lee & Iain Hornal)
12. Heart Full Of Soul (live) (feat. Brian May, Simon Phillips, Bumblefoot, Derek Sherinian & Ric Fierabracci)

June 5, 2024

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