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CHRIS ST. JOHN – I’m Dreaming

May 31, 2021

Chris St. John 2021 Out from a desk and on to the ranch, one attorney’s reveries come true. Known to courtroom audiences under a different name, Chris St. John has been preparing to swap a judge’s robe for a performer’s … Continue reading

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Unique Live Recording From Tony McPhee To Be Out

May 30, 2021

Tony McPhee might be less glorified – a criminal thing, really – than many of his peers, yet it wouldn’t be an underestimation to say that British – and therefore, global white – blues would have sounded differently without him … Continue reading

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BEAU – The Methadone Of Time

May 29, 2021

Cherry Red 2021 Illuminating lanterns in the twilight of the gods, the minstrel from Leeds looks for verity it the time of psych-cholera. There was little doubt that the last year’s tragedies and farces would create a perfect fodder for … Continue reading

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D’ERCOLE – Hard Core

May 28, 2021

Rock Company 2021 Marking their label’s 50th release, British ensemble put their stylistic values under the spotlight. D’ERCOLE’s “Hard Core” may not feel radically different from its predecessors, but they’re the sort of band for whom stepping out of genre … Continue reading

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SYNDONE – Kama Sutra

May 27, 2021

Manticore 2021 Marrying comedy with drama, Piedmont proggers enter another comfort zone. The Turin troupe’s inherent theatricality has never let sarcasm seep through to the sweet surface of their songs – until now, when titles of “Kama Sutra” tracks hint … Continue reading

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