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Mick Grabham Emerges From PROCOL Shadow With Archival Album

January 18, 2022

may have started their journey with a more famous guitarist, but it was Mick Grabham who stayed with them through most of the ’70s, until the band fizzled out. He didn’t contribute to the ensemble’s much, writing-wise, Grabham’s only composer … Continue reading

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CHECKING FOR ECHO PROJECT – Life & Other Short Stories: Vol. 1

January 17, 2022

Checking For Echo 2021 Scottish virtual band weave an array of compelling yarns for vulnerable souls to latch onto and fly away. A few years ago, having been struck with an ailment that affected his lungs, multi-instrumentalist Jon Farley may … Continue reading

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Clint Bahr Gathers Friends For A Solo Debut

January 16, 2022

Bass virtuoso may not be the most prolific artist in the world – it’s been nigh on two decades since his band released their , although he never left the picture entirely, pitching in on Colin Carter’s and helping prepare … Continue reading

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PEGGY JAMES – The Parade

January 15, 2022

Happy Growl 2021 Strutting to the rhythm of her writing, American chanteuse soundtracks the times of cholera with messages of hope. The pandemic period presented us with a mindspace for pondering yet while most people were plagued with sadness, Peggy … Continue reading

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January 14, 2022

Scott Jeffers 2021 American ensemble harden their veneer to venture out and away from the plague of today. True to their name, Scott Jeffers’ TRAVELER have always been taking the listener on arresting trips to different parts of the world, … Continue reading

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