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August 8, 2022

Roots & Ramblers 2022 Swedish chanteuse delivers a series of odes to our post-pandemic outlook to capture its spirit with her architect eye. Sculpting a song out of ether may be akin to structuring a building but Su Andersson seems … Continue reading

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THE CAUGHTERY – The Caughtery

August 7, 2022

The Caughtery 2022 Weaving Southern wind into tidal waves, venerable, if freshly formed, Texan duo deliver their debut offering to whet the world’s appetite. Possessed of many years of individual success accrued on opposite coasts of the States, Lisa Tingle … Continue reading

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SHAWN PHILLIPS – Live In The Seventies

August 6, 2022

Think Like A Key 2022 On-stage glory of Texan minstrel’s halcyon days is revealed in all its riveting, and sometimes intimate, detail. “The music won’t exactly go where you think it’s going to go, but I just want you to … Continue reading

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Rory Gallagher’s “Deuce” Gets A Deluxe Treatment

August 5, 2022

First issued in 1971 to an initially lackluster reception, Rory Gallagher‘s “Deuce” album has cast a long shadow over the years, its opening and closing numbers – “Used To Be” and “Crest Of A Wave” – becoming surefire concert classics … Continue reading

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LINDA GAIL LEWIS – Early Sides 1963-1973

August 4, 2022

Goldenlane 2022 The Killer’s little sister picks up the pieces of her patinated past to let them shine anew and properly establish her on musician’s musicians’ pedestal. Those who happened to have watched Jerry Lee Lewis’ birthday bash, celebrating his … Continue reading

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