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ARTHUR BROWN – Monster’s Ball

October 31, 2022

Cleopatra 2022 Streaming his stentorian might through the prism of terrific classics to fan the tuneful flames, the God of Hellfire has fun and gets away with it. No-one’s oeuvre seems better suited to honor Halloween than Arthur Brown’s, other … Continue reading

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John Greaves Celebrates Guillaume Apollinaire

October 30, 2022

One of the most respected, yet underrated nevertheless, British bassists, John Greaves has been at the forefront of rock experimentalism for more than five decades now, ever since he joined HENRY COW and also left his mark on NATIONAL HEALTH’s … Continue reading

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ANDREI RIKICHI – Caged Birds Think Flying Is A Sickness

October 29, 2022

Bearsuit 2022 Libertarian in search of meaning strikes a chord with fringe audience by finding accord with alternative reality. Given that the world has been a global village for quite a time now, there’s hardly anything surprising in Andrei Rikichi’s … Continue reading

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Rick Wakeman And Valentina Blanca Reveal Their Performance In All Its Glory

October 28, 2022

It takes a singular singer to have an equal billing to on an album cover, and such an alliance usually results in a special record: if the platters the keyboard wizard laid down in the company of his old friends … Continue reading

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ABIGAIL HUANG – Chick Corea’s Childrens Songs

October 27, 2022

Solar Music 2022 A flowering talent from Florida outlines clarity of jazz experiment as a base of grace. When producer Michael Franklin informed Chick Corea of his plans to have the fusion genius’ 1984 platter reimagined, it was too late … Continue reading

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