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Mitch Ryder Looks Back On His Anniversary Tour

December 23, 2023

According to Mitch Ryder, music renders one’s age irrelevant, so the legendary singer has never factored in rounds under the sun in his career which started almost six decades ago and carried on, with and without THE DETROIT WHEELS, into … Continue reading

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ZEELLEY MOON – The Author And The Dreamer

December 23, 2023

Zeelley Moon Music 2023 Not content with being a face in the progressive crowd, British band opt for a stone-the-crows approach to pouring their psyche into sound. If the monochrome jackets of this ensemble’s digibooks are meant to suggest the … Continue reading

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A Document Of John Zorn Channeling Terry Riley Ready For Release

December 22, 2023

It’s simultaneously fascinating and difficult to be following John Zorn for the 70-years-old multi-instrumentalist’s discography is immense and rather labyrinthine, yet it’s also often can be compartmentalized into series – such as one that he recorded with a loose conglomerate … Continue reading

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BEN REEL – Come A Long Way

December 21, 2023

Ben Reel 2023 From present √Čire to reminiscences of the past, self-reinventing minstrel is tripping down memory lane. Introspection has always played a major part in Ben Reel’s oeuvre, even though a lot of his songs seem to be in … Continue reading

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IMAGINATION And SHAKATAK Singers Team Up To Shine Together

December 21, 2023

It may take an aficionado to name a few British funk bands of the early ’80s, yet when there’s a connoisseur one can bet among the first ensembles to get recalled would be SHAKATAK and IMAGINATION. Although the former approached … Continue reading

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