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Andy Partridge And Chris Braide Pair Up For An EP

January 21, 2024

Over the last decade the name of international pop-rock hitmaker Chris Braide has become firmly associated with that of ASIA’s as the two concocted, as DBA, a string of prog-tinged confections which, apparently captured the attention of Andy Partridge, the … Continue reading

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EDISON SUIT – Persistence Of Vision

January 20, 2024

Melodic Revolution 2023 To square the circle in the eye of a quarter-century storm, almost-forgotten Los Angeles proggers return with a fresh perspective. Too often too balmy, California never felt like a safe environment for an adventurous ensemble of art-rock … Continue reading

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Cult Psych Heroes PUSSY Deliver Sequel Album Five Decades After

January 19, 2024

It’s easy to giggle at the name of British band PUSSY – yet it’s equally easy to get pulled into their riveting psychedelia. The Hertfordshire quartet sounded rather cinematic and a tad heavy on their late-’60s debut which presented proto-prog … Continue reading

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Famed Drummer Jimmy Keegan Issues Solo Debut

January 18, 2024

At first glance such ensembles as SANTANA and SPOCK’S BEARD have nothing in common, except for accessing various aspects of rock idiom and apart from their names starting with the same letter – however, there’s another link between the two: … Continue reading

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TEXAS SCRATCH – Texas Scratch

January 18, 2024

Quarto Valley 2023 After a long gestation of their album number one, a trinity of Lone Star State string-benders conspire to stand up in the stirrups of the blues. The longer the itch the greater the relief when you make … Continue reading

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