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THOR – Ride Of The Iron Horse

March 23, 2024

Cleopatra 2024 Reflecting on fifty years of tuneful thunder, Vancouver heavyweights go full-circle to head into the future. To follow this ensemble is to never know how close to Valhalla they are to take their next album, what with Jon … Continue reading

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UFO’s Phil Mogg To Open His “Motel” Before Retiring

March 23, 2024

It’s been some time since UFO’s mainstay announced his forthcoming retirement from music business and desire to spend the rest of his life away from the ensemble who can carry on without their singer – although one would find it … Continue reading

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Robin Trower Readies A Live Video Release And “Bridge” Reissue

March 22, 2024

May 17th is going to be a day of expense for Robin Trower‘s followers who will have the chance not only to take a deeper look at the great guitarist’s glorious past but to also connect to his present that … Continue reading

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BLACK SABBATH Box Up Tony Martin Era But Not In Its Entirety

March 21, 2024

A talk of the town for about a year now, the upcoming appearance of BLACK SABBATH box set comprising the band’s output with Tony Martin was first mentioned by the singer himself and then, in early January 2024, officially confirmed … Continue reading

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JOYOUS – Joyous

March 21, 2024

Hyperspace 2024 Sonic caress aired for all to share: Nassau County couple and their friends find reason for poetic rhyme. Wearing romantic signs on their album’s sleeve may seem both organic and misleading for an ensemble driven by a wife-and-husband … Continue reading

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