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THE YARDBIRDS’ BBC Sessions See The Ultimate Expansion

April 13, 2024

They always stood out against other ensembles who came into existence in the early ’60s on the wave of British blues boom because, unlike their colleagues, THE YARDBIRDS successfully combined fantastic improvisations on the genre’s staples – thanks to Eric … Continue reading

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HATS OFF GENTLEMEN IT’S ADEQUATE – One Word That Means The World (Arkhipov)

April 12, 2024

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate 2024 A musical story of a hero who prevented the madness of mutual assured destruction as told by English purveyors of progressive rock. It’s easy to assign the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis to … Continue reading

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JETHRO TULL Inflate “Bursting Out”

April 11, 2024

Restoring a classic live album to its original running order by inserting previously unreleased tracks only to ruin its organic flow by appending soundcheck recordings to each of its two discs seems highly illogical – yet that’s the exact crime … Continue reading

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PROG COLLECTIVE – Dark Encounters

April 11, 2024

Purple Pyramid 2024 One-man’s tenebrous exploration of soundscapes that see rock stars refuse to shine. It may not have been so obvious previously, yet his current descent into the murk made it all too apparent: there’s nothing communal about this … Continue reading

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Bill MacCormick Publishes Autobiography

April 10, 2024

One’s career rarely gets any more progressive than that of Bill MacCormick, an English politician who played a prominent role within Liberal Party and Liberal Democrats but is primarily known for playing bass on a variety of memorable records. Some … Continue reading

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