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June 20, 2024

Melodic Revolution 2024 Progressive dive into the lore of yore for an intoxicating drive to a rendezvous between written word and musical passage. Here’s an ensemble who like to mess with their listener’s head by offering the audience a ride … Continue reading

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Light Anniversary “Fires”

June 20, 2024

Delays in delivering anniversary editions of favorite records may have become an unpleasant trend for many artists who fail to establish control over release schedules, but BLACKMORE’S NIGHT seem to be driving ahead of the curve. The ensemble’s third album … Continue reading

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Fish Fleshes Out His Solo Start For Deluxe Sets

June 20, 2024

With Fish‘s career officially over, it’s about time for Derek Dick to take stock and cement his legacy for good. He may have started working towards this goal two years ago by the “Vigil’s End” concert set, and expanding his … Continue reading

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