62 MILES FROM SPACE – Time Shifts

Mega Dodo 2017

62 MILES FROM SPACE - Time Shifts

Time Shifts

Wobbly wonders from a cyberworld-dwelling duo whose quiet wigouts won’t go down into well-defined continuum.

The distance mentioned in the name of this small ensemble may place their listener right on our mortal soil, yet the band’s debut EP has nothing mundane about it. Having sprung to virtual life in Moscow where singing guitarist Roman Kutnov resided and electronica maven Neil Davidson visited, the collective’s sounds simultaneously inhabit the Internet and exist beyond the Web in a spectral way, and “Time Shifts” is the ghostly manifest possessed of much allure.

There’s no microcosm vision on any of the four tracks comprising the mini-album, as each of them holds a whole universe in it. In an interesting case of encapsulation, retrofuturistic guitar strokes and disembodied voice propel the title track towards psychedelic paradise through shifting strands of synthesizer-devised haze, while elegant closer “Bad Actors” outlines the somehow static nature of such a movement with flute figures and droning undercurrent.

Not for nothing motorik beats underpin a folk-tinctured spin of “The Scope” in a panorama-like manner which allows the listener drink in the sideshow without actually leaving the place and time the duo created. Yet “Outside” is where their mesmeric quivers reveal a prog perspective to the duo’s quasi-minimalism, although it can also be an invitation to a full-length record that should land on Earth rather soon – hopefully.


August 21, 2017

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