ABACUS To Issue A Scottish-Themed Concept Album

It’s been exactly half a century since one of the best Krautrock ensembles, ABACUS, came to prominence. They may have changed the line-up through the years, keeping it strictly German after the band’s original British singer, Chris Williams, had bailed, and they broke up in 1976, but the combo came back in 1979 to soldier on, under the guidance of keyboard player J├╝rgen Wimpelberg into the here and now, delivering such solid albums as “Fire Behind Bars” along the way.

Highland Warrior

October 29th will see the veterans’ latest offering. Titled “Highland Warrior” and comprising a multi-part titular piece, it’s a concept album based on the story of Scottish king Bruce I. Looks promising.

1. Into My Life
2. Now You Are Gone
3. Rule The World
4. Highland Warrior
5. My War is Over Now
6. Lay Down Your Sword
7. The Voice
8. On My Way Home
9. Shelter

September 8, 2021

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