ACE OF SPADES – Born To Booze, Live To Sin

Cleopatra 2023

An on-stage homage to warthog-heavy stalwarts of the metal scene who went on parole into eternity.

Born To Booze, Live To Sin

Looking larger than life even after his death, Lemmy remains inimitable, and while there’s quite a few cover groups and copycats, most of those prefer to cling to the great late musician’s ferocious roar and relentless rock ‘n’ roll rather than hear humor behind the noise Mr. Kilmister turned into an art form or perceive his metal father figure as cartoonish. Alan Davey is different, though: lauded by MOTÖRHEAD’s leader who allowed his fellow bassist to use ACE OF SPADES as an ensemble’s name, the man also known as Boomer had been one of Lemmy’s successors in HAWKWIND and, thus, knew every nuance of his playing well enough to cast a personal spell on familiar parts, vocal and instrumental. That’s why this concert album, recorded in London in January 2018 at the end of the band’s tour, sounds respectfully irreverent in its sheer fun yet demonstrates no showing off other mere mortals would resort to.

Running from “Iron Fist” to “Overkill” and touching on many a ’70s classic – including such live favorites as “Train Kept A-Rollin'” and “Leavin’ Here” which were borrowed from the preceding decade’s rhythm-and-blues repertoire – along the way, this set is, of course, extremely groovy, with Garry Bowler’s drums and Neil Archer’s guitar raging and raving on the likes of “We Are The Road Crew” whereas Davey’s four strings go for gutsy wigouts on “Stone Dead Forever” and “Dirty Love” and fills “Ace Of Spades” and “Lawman” with a lot of swagger. However, the trio reveal a deeper understanding of their heroes’ method in the slower, and tastier, “Iron Horse/Born To Lose” and “Keep Us On the Road” before inviting Michelle Jiminez Alder to belt out “No Class” and “Bomber” and Danny Faulkner to voice a couple more pieces, the space-rock-smeared “Shoot You In The Back” among them.

Tribute bands may be abominable entities but this album is commended for bucking the trend and bringing on absolute exuberance.


March 25, 2023

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