ACTING NATURAL – Acting Natural

Acting Natural 2017

ACTING NATURAL - Acting Natural

Acting Natural

Smart-suited New York youngsters yank all the stops for their tunes to undermine the notion of retro and bring pure emotions back to the world.

Each aged 22 and all bonded by friendship since they were 13, the members of this trio seem to try and tap into the ’60s vibe – what with the players’ postures on stage and their choice of instruments – yet there’s something more to the six songs comprising the group’s debut EP. Rickenbackers’ jangle may smear sweet patina all over their tunes, and three-part harmonies come as honeyed as it gets, tracks such as the infectiously funky and pun-infested “Pairadice” propose multiple surprises, composition-wise, so the pieces which could pass for pastiche appear to include enough original aspects to please a contemporary palate.

Organ popping up here and there and baroque piano taking the spiritual, optimistic “Early Morning” to a pedestal are but two unexpected elements that drive the little ensemble’s creations, while the main singer Eric Carnevale’s guitar is equally able to deliver a caramel-like lick or a stinging riff, as demonstrated on”Missed The Train” where Jesse Leonard’s drums provide a chug along every tempo shift. With James David Maney’s bass adding depth to the vigorous pop behind “The One” and venturing to the fore to let four strings offset its psychedelized panorama, even a teenage drama has a secret ingredient to push it beyond the obvious. Still, a more mature emotions of “Nicole” are reined in thanks to the lads’ sensual interplay and intricate weave of vocals which spill into “Bloom” that’s also stricken with a specter of bossa nova.

If the boys don’t get stuck in the rut of their chosen genre, their prospects look deliciously good.


November 25, 2017

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