Adrian Belew comments on new KING CRIMSON

Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew

Recent news about the reformation of KING CRIMSON resulted in a sensation of sorts, and many a question arose about the absence of Adrian Belew from the band’s new line-up, as his place is given to Jakko Jakszyk. Belew’s been the CRIMSON singer and second guitarist since 1981 and added a good dose of Beatleism into the music masterminded by Robert Fripp, but then he’s always had an agenda of his own, and it’s where Adrian at after the split from NINE INCH NAILS this summer. Now, with his old group’s back, the veteran’s not in it and, with a flurry of interest, he posted a Q&A on the subject on his Facebook page.

Here’s a part of it.

Q: Are you in the new KING CRIMSON planned for September 2014?

A: No. after 32 years I am no longer in KING CRIMSON.

Q: Were you asked to be in the new KING CRIMSON?

A: No, I was not. Robert [Fripp] informed me in an email that he was starting a 7-piece version of the band. He said I would not be right for what the band is doing.

Q: So, how do you feel?

A: “Happy with what I have to be happy with.” Which is quite a lot.

September 27, 2013

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