AI MARGINI DELLA CITTÀ – Ai Margini Della Città

Ai Margini Della Città 2015

AI MARGINI DELLA CITTÀ - Ai Margini Della Città

Ai Margini Della Città

Well-rounded and well-grounded statement of purpose from Italian post-rock purveyors.

Two years into their existence, the Puglia quartet deliver an epic EP, where “extended” isn’t a format description but a modus operandi within a particular composition. There are four of these on the band’s debut release – or five, given “Der Blaue Reiter” reveals its ruminative marvels in two guises: full ensemble, rather heavy one, and a new-age, gentle version, with jazz-dweller Livio Minafra applying his piano magic to a solid bedrock

Yet it’s “Nordkapp” that a sense of sunrise wonders glides in on a twangy twine of Angelo Cantatore and Francesco Curci’s guitars which weave around delicate groove, as effects elevate the buzz to an almost chamber sound before its hypnotic crawl is turned into a filigree run. Aldo Strippoli’s bass rumbling across the lines, here’s tension, while “Strong Dream” is stricken with a folk vibrancy – gloomy yet invigorating – and “Fighting Forms” unfurls into a panoramic vista offering a fatigued, though frenetic, ride towards the sunset, as measured by Giuseppe De Santis’ drums. A riveting trip.


February 9, 2016

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