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Seventeen songs may seem a few too many for anyone’s album, yet if that anyone is an acclaimed artist and writer who hasn’t issued fresh material in nigh on two decades, some indulgence can be forgivable, and nobody can go wrong with Albert Hammond – for it is him, the creator in question – anyway. One of those performers who pen perennials not only for themselves but also for others, and in Hammond’s case these others include such stars as Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, the soul divas having a hit in 1989 with “It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be” which bears Albert’s credit, and of course, there are “The Air That I Breathe” and “When I Need You” which were borrowed from his platters by, respectively, THE HOLLIES and Leo Sayer. But even though the veteran’s recording career started in 1972, his last albums of original music appeared after long waiting periods, and his forthcoming offering is no exclusion.

Titled “Body Of Work” and scheduled for release on March 1st, this songs cycle follows, in terms of newness, 2005’s “Revolution Of The Heart” that, in its turn, was a successor to “Somewhere In America” from 1982, but the cuts listed below emerged not over this entire time – they appeared rather recently as comments on recent world affairs, rendering their message very much relevant and interesting. However, when Albert Hammond’s numbers didn’t seem interesting?

Body Of Work

1. Don’t Bother Me Babe
2. Gonna Save The World
3. Shake A Bone
4. Like They Do Across The River
5. Both Ways
6. Goodbye LA
7. Knocking On Your Door
8. Somebody’s Child
9. Gonna Be Alright
10. Young Llewelyn
11. Bella Blue
12. The American Flag
13. Let It Go
14. Living In The Universe
15. Another Heart To Break
16. Looking Back
17. Anything You Want Me To

December 5, 2023

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