Alison O’Donnell Lets The Listener Hear Her Voice

“New songs in an ancient tradition” is how the erstwhile MELLOW CANDLE warbler Alison O’Donnell describes the gist of her forthcoming album which will see the light of day in July. One of the finest folk vocalists to have come out of √Čire, she’s restlessly working on fresh pieces, with 2000’s compilation “Spread Your Sailing Angels Over Me” marking the songstress’ half-century of gracing the stage – and the studio. It’s thence, from this experience, that “Hark The Voice That Sings For All” comes from.

Although Alison used to play around with contemporary grooves, even guesting on doom-metallurgists CATHEDRAL’s record, traditional, or faux-folklore, tunes have always been her forte, as illustrated by FLIBBERTIGIBBET’s "Whistling Jigs To The Moon" that she laid down in South Africa at the end of the ’70s, so there’s no surprise in the eleven new numbers reaching for the lady’s roots and harking back to ancient stories and Irish history. The result will look like this (read the review):

Hark The Voice That Sings For All

1. Lass From A Distant Shore
2. Farewell To The Strawberry Tree
3. I Wish We’d Sailed On The Jeanie Johnston
4. The Unwelcome Tide Of Tomorrow
5. Splendid Ring
6. Brothers Grey
7. Shout Our Redemption To The Silvery Pines
8. The Man Who Taught The Nation
9. Four Fine Females
10. Scarlet Berries For The Mistle Thrush
11. The Birds Of Belfast Lough

May 22, 2022

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