All-Stars Cast To Cross “Abbey Road”

There’s no such thing as most lovable album by THE BEATLES – tastes differ, after all – but if there was, “Abbey Road” would make a cut for many a fan, musicians included. It’s a record that quite a few artists have paid homage to over the years, among them George Benson’s “The Other Side Of Abbey Road” and “McLemore Avenue” by Booker T. & THE M.G.s, so a platter which will be issued on August 18th shouldn’t surprise anyone. The line-up featured on “Abbey Road Reimagined” can astound some, though.

Abbey Road Reimagined

Unlike its predecessors, this release – to appear on both CD and vinyl – comprises all of the pieces The Fabs’ original consists of, in the original running order, while the original cohesiveness was sacrificed in favor of variety in approaches to the classic material which reflect the characters of this tribute’s participants, from >Durga McBroom’s soulful delivery of “Come Together” to Gary Wilson‘s patented idiosyncrasy on “Her Majesty” – yet seeing the late Jackie Lomax doesn’t feel good. That small gripe aside, the collection, produced by the esteemed Fernando Perdomo, seems amusingly alluring.

1. Come Together – Durga McBroom, Jackie Lomax & Snowy White
2. Something – Charles Jones & Sonny Landreth
3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
4. Oh! Darling – Eric Dover & Carmine Appice
5. Octopus’s Garden – Matt Axton & Brian Auger
6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – Arthur Brown & Steve Stevens
7. Here Comes The Sun – Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal
8. Because – Rebecca Pidgeon & Patrick Moraz
9. You Never Give Me Your Money – Graham Bonnet & Rick Wakeman
10. Sun King – James Booth & THE RETURN, Albert Lee & Geoff Downes
11. Mean Mr. Mustard – Jack Russell
12. Polythene Pam – Matthew Sweet
13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – Adam Gaynor & Paul Shaffer
14. Golden Slumbers – Terry Reid
15. Carry That Weight – Gregg Bissonette
16. The End – Frank Dimino & Steve Hillage
17. Her Majesty – Gary Wilson

June 23, 2023

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