All The SPRIGUNS Tapes To Be Out On A Box Set

Theirs was a constant evolution, and not only in the moniker that went from SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS to simply SPRIGUNS to Mandy Morton‘s own name, but also in the music that progressed from traditional folk to folk rock to acid rock and influenced quite a few of experimental ensembles. Formed in 1972 and dismissed in 1978, letting their songstress issue a pair of solo records, this English group released five platters – including such brilliant longplays as "Revel Weird And Wild" and "Time Will Pass" preceded by a privately pressed tape, all of which will see the light of day anew as a box set.

The collection, titled “After The Storm” and scheduled to hit the shelves on January 28th, 2002, is to include six CDs, peppered with bonus tracks, and a DVD of MANDY MORTON BAND’s 1979 concert. The lady herself helped to compile the cuts and wrote sleeve notes, so the outcome feels indispensable for any aficionado.

After The Storm:
Complete Recordings

CD 1:
SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS – Jack With A Feather (1975)

1. Lambton Worm
2. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
3. Derby Ram
4. Jigs Medley: Rakes Of Malo/St. Patrick’s Day/The Ten Penny Bit
5. Flodden Field
6. The Trooper’s Nag
7. Curragh Of Kildare
8. Keys Of/To Canterbury
9. The Twa Magicians
10. Seamus The Showman
11. Barren Banks Of Aden

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS – Rowdy Dowdy Day (1974)
12. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
13. The Jolly Tinker
14. The Lally Worm And The Mackerel
15. Spanish Ladies
16. Matty Groves
17. The Trees They Do Grow High
18. Three Drunken Maidens
19. Scotia Reel
20. Keys Of Canterbury
21. Sir Brian Botany
22. Trooper’s Nag
23. Cuckoo’s Nest

CD 2:
SPRIGUNS – Revel Weird And Wild (1976)

1. Trysting Tree
2. Outlandish Knight
3. Sir Colvin
4. Piscie Song
5. Nothing Else To Do
6. Hasberry Howard
7. Lord Lovell
8. Laily Worm
9. When Spring Comes In

CD 3:
SPRIGUNS – Time Will Pass (1977)

1. Dead Man’s Eyes
2. All Before
3. For You
4. Time Will Pass
5. White Witch
6. Blackwaterside
7. You’re Not There
8. Devil’s Night
9. Letter To A Lady
bonus tracks:
10. White Witch (Mandy Morton) *
11. Blackwaterside (alt. version) (SPRIGUNS) *
12. Letter To A Lady (Mandy Morton) *
13. Time Will Pass (acoustic – Mandy Morton and Wayne Morrison) *
* previously unreleased

CD 4:

1. Magic Lady
2. Music Prince
3. According To Matthew
4. Little Inbetween
5. Goodbye The Day
6. Silence Do The Rest
7. The Lady
8. White Ship
9. Witchfinder
10. Gypsy Glass
11. Ghost Of A Song
12. Magic Lady (reprise)
bonus track:
13. Winter Storms (Mandy Morton & Chris Mills)

CD 5:
MANDY MORTON – Sea Of Storms (1979)

1. Maybe One Day
2. After The Storm
3. Black Nights
4. Compline Anthem
5. Victoria By The Window
6. Ghost Of Christmas Past
7. Twisted Sage
8. Wake Up The Morning
9. Silas The Silent
10. Land Of The Dead
11. Warriors’ Grave
12. The Sculptor
bonus track:
13. Ghost Of Christmas Past (single mix)

CD 6:
MANDY MORTON BAND – Valley Of Light (1983)

1. I Need Your Love
2. Valley Of Light
3. Time Machine
4. No Reason
5. Somebody To Love
6. Ice Queen
7. Not For Sale
8. Chosen Few
9. Natural Born
bonus tracks:
10. Skeleton Rock (SPRIGUNS) *
11. Flying High (Mandy Morton)
* previously unreleased

MANDY MORTON BAND – Live In Cambridge 1979

1. Black Nights
2. Twisted Sage
3. Skeleton Rock
4. Marmeel Rant
5. Somebody To Love
* all tracks previously unreleased

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